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✔ Business Incorporation✔ Accounting / Book keeping
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✔ Business Planning & Initiation✔ Internal Audit

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Sonal Sharma

8 Days ago

I am looking for computation of income

CA Shruti Goyal     22 Nov 2022

Pl contact for more enquiry

CA Rohit Mittal     22 Nov 2022

Kindly contact on 8699799959 or

CA Puja Sharma     25 Nov 2022

For Income Tax related consultation, you can connect with me at

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Anant Singh

9 Days ago

Dear Sir,

There is a query in respect to availing and utilizing input credit of CGST, SGST & IGST
I want to understand that if Input of CGST&SGST can be availed and utilized to offset against IGST
To be more specific:
Case 1 .
We are a Event and Travel Management company incorporated and registered as a PVT LTD company in Delhi. with GST registration in Delhi.

We are booking Hotel Rooms for a corporate client for 3 Days in GOA.

This assignment is through an Event Management Company, in this we are only doing hotel room booking

We have negotiated a rate from hotel and further selling it to event management company with a markup. we shall receive the payment through event management company

Hotel will bill to us e.g., Rate at X + GST (@18%)
We will further charge the event management company at a rate of (X + Y) + GST (@18%)

The event management company is also registered in DELHI and the client is also registered in DELHI

1. Can we avail the input credit of CGST +SGST from the invoice raised by the hotel and utilize it against to setoff IGST to The Event Management company.
2. If availing CGST & SGST and utilizing against IGST is specifically restricted for hotel/immovable property or is it for the supply of goods also

Case 2
We are a firm registered in Delhi and procured goods from a vendor registered in Delhi and got an invoice of CGST & SGST
Now we have a client in Uttar Pradesh and we supplied him the same goods with a marked-up price at its office in Uttar Pradesh and charged IGST

Please suggest can we avail the input of CGST & SGST to offset it against the IGST

Requested kindly suggest,
Thanks & Regards

CA Rohit Mittal     21 Nov 2022

In Case 1 you can’t avail the input for CGST & SGST, as the place of supply is GOA i.e. Where the hotel is situated.
And in case 2 you can avail the input.
For more assistance, Feel free to call
Mob. No. 8699799959

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11 Days ago

I joined IT company in june 2022 then for which year i can start filling ITR or can i fill zero ITR for 2022?

CA Rohit Mittal     20 Nov 2022

You can file nil return for F.Y 2021-22 till 31st December,2022 with zero late fees.
Otherwise you are liable to file ITR for FY 2022-23.
For more assistance, feel free to call

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 Nov 2022

Dear Om,
You joined company in June-2022 so you so you are required to file ITR for the FY 2022-23.
For FY 2021-22 you are not liable to file ITR, however if you wish you can file.
For further consultation you can approach us at or 900448537

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