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I am also a DISA holder and an IT faculty in Agra branch ICAI

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Sonal Sharma

4 Months ago

I am looking for computation of income

CA Shruti Goyal     22 Nov 2022

Pl contact for more enquiry

CA Rohit Mittal     22 Nov 2022

Kindly contact on 8699799959 or

CA Puja Sharma     25 Nov 2022

For Income Tax related consultation, you can connect with me at

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Swapnil Mondal

7 Months ago

I want to open a current bank account in the name of my brand but all the proofs of my business is in the name of the parent company under which the brand exists. So what to do in this case?

CA Shruti Goyal     15 Aug 2022

Bank ask for two govt registeration for opening of current account. Further clarification contact

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7 Months ago

I need a small clarification. i have joned a new job and they have reimbursed me with: Flight tickets for self and wife, 14 days stay, Taxi expenses incurred, Goods Transportation charges

But they have included all of this as taxable salary and projecting my gross salary including this amount. On raising concern with HR they have converted Hotel stay as non taxable but saying all other is taxable as company policy.

As per my understanding of Section 10(14) rule 2BB this amount should be non-taxable, I just wanted to confirm before escalating this matter further.

If they do not correct this and reduce this amount form my gross salary, can i caim this deduction directly while filing return?

CA Shruti Goyal     15 Aug 2022

Exp relating to performing official work non taxable and other taxable.
Further clarification contact

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Mukesh Pawar

7 Months ago

I want to take a home loan with my wife jointly. she will be the co owner of property and co borrower in home loan with me. full emi will be paid my me. she is housewife. my question is interest tax rebate depend upon propery share or not. would i be able to avail full tax rebate or not?

CA Shruti Goyal     15 Aug 2022

Since both are co owner both will get equal deduction of interest.
Further clarification contact

CA Rahul Dwivedi     20 Aug 2022

Dear Mukesh,
You can claim full interest deduction if you are the actual owner f the property, i.e. all payment is made by you, entire emi is paid by you etc.
For further consultation you can approach us on or 9004485377

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7 Months ago

For taking benefit of capital gain tax We have purchase residential property. Kindly suggest
1- We can sale residence before completion of 3 year or if we can sale before 3 year what will be the tax liabilty on us
2- we can purchase another residential property in exchange of previous residental property
because we are interested to sale previous residential property
3- we have completed 1 financial year to hold this residental property

CA Shruti Goyal     11 Aug 2022

Plz book consultation.
You may contact

ANURAG     11 Aug 2022

for consultation what is the process

CA Deepak Kucheria     12 Aug 2022

Kindly connect with at +91-9911744028 or for consultation.

CA Rahul Dwivedi     20 Aug 2022

Dear Anurag,
Yes, You can sale the property before completion of 3 year, however please note if you had purchased this property to save LTCG in that case you can't sale it before 3 year else you have to pay LTCG.
For tax planning and further consultation you can approach us on or 9004485377.

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Sachin M Eligar

7 Months ago

My self Sachin staying in Mysore. I am a salaried employee of the Central Government and submit ITR-1 every year.
I had invested Rs 8000 per month as SIP from November 2016 to December 2019 in the HDFC TaxSaver-Growth plan. Total NAV units purchased were 596.512, with an average NAV unit price of 496.218. I had shown these investments while filing the returns in the respective years. During Aug 2021, I redeemed 331.123 NAV units and received a total amount of Rs. 2,24,000.

Now while filing IT returns this year, Do I need to show the profit? How do I calculate the profit gained by SIP investment and redemption? If I have to show the profit, which section of IT returns should I show it? Do I get any exemption?

Thank you


CA Shruti Goyal     9 Aug 2022

Capital gain will b attracted.
For further clarifications Plz contact

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Kshitija Saxena

7 Months ago

For Tax exemption under 80D/80DD/80DDD for medical treatments/pharmacy/checkups/tests do I need to medical insurance or having the receipts of the same are enough?

CA Shruti Goyal     6 Aug 2022

80d health insurance is required
80dd and 80ddb deduction for listed expenses is given.
Plz contact cashrutigoyal127@gmail.con

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Satbir Singh

7 Months ago

I am selling my residential Property on next month. My deal is Done at 50Lakh.They will pay me via Cheque. What will be the next step after getting Cheque. Should I have to deposite whole money into my saving account or elsewhere? I required yours Step by Step guidance.

CA Shruti Goyal     6 Aug 2022

Capital gain will b attracted however it can be saved.
For further clarification please contact

CA Naman Maloo     7 Aug 2022

For a step by step process it is recommended to book a consultation with expert to plan tax properly.

Link for consultation is:

CA Puja Sharma     8 Aug 2022

Capital gain will arise in your case. You have to reinvest the gain or proceeds if you want to claim any exemption.
For more discussion, you can book a consultation with us at

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Nitish Vaishnav

7 Months ago

I am govt employee and want to do future and option (intraday) trading on behalf of my sisters who is contractual employee(not regular govt employee) by using her demat account. I want to know that can i do trading by depositing my money to her demat account or i have to do trading with her money ???

CA Puja Sharma     1 Aug 2022

Since you want to do trading from your sisters demat account, its better that you use your sister's funds only. Otherwise open a demat account in your name and carry out the trading from your own funds.

CA Shruti Goyal     1 Aug 2022

It doesnt matter whose money you use, tax will b applicable on your sister as it is her demat account with her PAN.
For further clarification contact

CA Rahul Dwivedi     1 Aug 2022

Dear Nitish Vaishnav,
There is one solution in your matter, Open a bank account in your sister's name specifically for trading purpose & keep its Log in Password with you. Link that account with demate account.Whenever needed transfer your money in that account and letter on do trading with that. But everything depends on your understanding with your sister. This is complex solution. Better to trade in your name.
For further assistance you can approach us on or 9004485377

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8 Months ago

I am a student and my father gives me 1.80 lakh annually as a pocket money, can i file itr of 5 lakh? I have agriculture land which is managed by my father.

CA Shruti Goyal     31 Jul 2022

Money received from your father as pocket money is not taxable. Agricultural income is not taxable however it is taxable in some conditions. For further clarification plz contact

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