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Puja Sharma and Associates is a Chartered Accountancy firm based out of Jaipur.

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If i taken CONSUMER DURABLE LOAN from Bank then 1) Should I pay any TAX to Income Tax Department ? 2) Should i MANDATORILY required to file ITR even my annual income is upto 2,10,000/- ?


4 Months ago
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Simple question answered simply. no bullshit and early reply thats what i liked the most. Keep supporting. u r great.


7 Months ago
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Thank you for your previous VALUABLE Answer to my query.... Q - In answer to my query provided by you it is mentioned that I have to justify that my total income is less than basic exemption limit of Rs. 5 lakhs. Therefore kindly provide me below answer please.. 1) To whom I will required to justify above basic exemption ? To Bank or to Income Tax ?If I take credit card of Rs. 5 lakh limit.

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Satbir Singh

4 Days ago

I am selling my residential Property on next month. My deal is Done at 50Lakh.They will pay me via Cheque. What will be the next step after getting Cheque. Should I have to deposite whole money into my saving account or elsewhere? I required yours Step by Step guidance.

CA Shruti Goyal     6 Aug 2022

Capital gain will b attracted however it can be saved.
For further clarification please contact

CA Naman Maloo     7 Aug 2022

For a step by step process it is recommended to book a consultation with expert to plan tax properly.

Link for consultation is:

CA Puja Sharma     8 Aug 2022

Capital gain will arise in your case. You have to reinvest the gain or proceeds if you want to claim any exemption.
For more discussion, you can book a consultation with us at

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Pritam Kumar

3 Days ago

Hello, im an independent contractor and i providing services to the canada based international proprietary trading firm remotely where i trade on company's trading account and company share profit/commission via wire transfer/paypal and Payoneer, so in this case which ITR is most suitable for to file

Thank you

CA Puja Sharma     8 Aug 2022

ITR 3 will apply in your case. For more details, you can connect with us at

Pritam Kumar    8 Aug 2022

Thank you it๐Ÿ‘

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Naveen Ambastha

3 Days ago


I had filed a original ITR with refund of 15910 which ai received.

I wanted to add LTA and medical expenses so I filed revised ITR but I didnt added rest of the things so I got demand notice of 11910.

So I filed again a new REVISED ITR with cleartax and got refund of 36400.
Which I haven't received yet.

What shall I do for the demand notice I got , will it get adjusted automatically in refund amount ?

CA Puja Sharma     8 Aug 2022

Wait for the last filed revised ITR to be processed. The demand will get void when the last ITR gets processed.
For more IT-related matters, you can connect with us at

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2 Days ago

Recently i recieved some foreign currencies (USD) approx 500USD to my bank account because i doing some freelancing task to foreign company..and bank send FIRC where bank deducted some IGST but as i know there is no gst applicable for providing services to foreign clients.. kindly explain me why IGST is deducted and can i take refund it...
Thank you

CA Puja Sharma     8 Aug 2022

GST can only be refunded if your are a GST registered tax payer.
GST registration is mandatory for service providers if their aggregate tunrover exceeds Rs. 20 Lakhs or 10 Lakhs during the FY.
For more informtaion, you can book consultation with us at

DHIRAJ     8 Aug 2022

Thank you mem for explanation..
But one concern that can i never received payment if i dont registered GST if my turnover exceeds 20 lakh from foreign clients?? And the company where i provide services is not registered in india...

Is gst is only mandatory for claim refund in export of service???

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Ravindra Kumar Singh

9 Days ago

I have paid Rs 220000/ as interest on home loan in year 2020-21 but forgot to claim rebate in that year. Can i now claim rebate for this during this year 2021-22?

CA Puja Sharma     1 Aug 2022

No, the benefit on home loan interest payment is only allowed in the payment year.

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9 Days ago

Can any other person see my tax documents like form 26as, form 16, AIS etc.?

CA Puja Sharma     1 Aug 2022

Form 26AS, AIS and TIS can only be checked by the person who has the login password to your Income Tax Portal.
From 16 can be viewed by your employer company because he issues the same by filing the TDS return.
For any IT-related consultation, you can connect with us at

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Nitish Vaishnav

9 Days ago

I am govt employee and want to do future and option (intraday) trading on behalf of my sisters who is contractual employee(not regular govt employee) by using her demat account. I want to know that can i do trading by depositing my money to her demat account or i have to do trading with her money ???

CA Puja Sharma     1 Aug 2022

Since you want to do trading from your sisters demat account, its better that you use your sister's funds only. Otherwise open a demat account in your name and carry out the trading from your own funds.

CA Shruti Goyal     1 Aug 2022

It doesnt matter whose money you use, tax will b applicable on your sister as it is her demat account with her PAN.
For further clarification contact

CA Rahul Dwivedi     1 Aug 2022

Dear Nitish Vaishnav,
There is one solution in your matter, Open a bank account in your sister's name specifically for trading purpose & keep its Log in Password with you. Link that account with demate account.Whenever needed transfer your money in that account and letter on do trading with that. But everything depends on your understanding with your sister. This is complex solution. Better to trade in your name.
For further assistance you can approach us on or 9004485377

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Ishan Das

16 Days ago

HRA was incorrectly submitted to employer and was updated in form-16. The same was rectified during ITR with the right HRA value and accordingly additional tax was paid. However the same is not updated on landlord's end. How to rectify this situation ?

CA Puja Sharma     26 Jul 2022

The landlord is not required to make any update which will affect your taxes. Ensure that your rental receipts are available with you for rent paid.
For IT-related consultation, you can connect with us at

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Gayathri Das

16 Days ago

I am a NRI, I am planning to make invest in startups through Lets Venture and Tykeinvestment. What are my tax implications when I exit the investments through fund resale or equity resale

CA K Narasimha Prakash     25 Jul 2022

If you invest in a startup, and it gets sold, and your share is worth a lot more money than you paid, you'll pay capital gains taxes on that amount.

CA Puja Sharma     26 Jul 2022

You will be liable to pay capital gain taxes when you will exit from the startup by selling your shares,
For IT-related consultation, you can connect with us at

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Shashi Shekhar

15 Days ago

If interest on saving account (mentioned in income from other sources) is less than 10k then can I claim it under 80TTA or not?

CA Puja Sharma     26 Jul 2022

Yes, you can claim the deduction u/s 80TTA. Under 80TTA, you can claim a maximum savings bank interest deduction of Rs. 10,000.
For IT-related consultation, you can connect with us at

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