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Shivakumar G V

2 a year ago

As a RNOR(was outside the US for the past 10 years before returning to India by the end of 2019) am I required to disclose sale of US stocks sold while in India but proceeds routed to a US account? if not, will there be an issue while I'm transferring the proceeds to Indian accounts at later point of time?

CA Naman Maloo     26 Aug 2020

No if he is an RNOR no need to disclose or pay tax on such if you are an RNOR but you surely have to disclose such asset in schedule FA.
If you need any professional assistance feel free to contact me at

CA Navin Jain     27 Aug 2020

Hi Shivakumar, understand that you have already evaluated your residential status in India as RNOR. Further, if you qualify as RNOR you will not btaxed on such a transaction and you do not have to disclose such assets in your return.
If you want us to evaluate/ or you need assistance with your return in India, you can reach us at + 91 9830375894/

Mr Mukundhan Premkumar     27 Aug 2020

Call 9345861079

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2 a year ago

If someone working on freelancer website and his all clients are international, what should he put the Name in GST Invoice?
Whether it should be name of these website or name of clients. The money comes to freelancer's bank account from these website.
But actually, The money is paid to these websites by clients and then these website pays to freelancer after cutting their fee.

Mr Mukundhan Premkumar     27 Aug 2020

Call me 9345861079

CA Damini Agarwal     27 Aug 2020

Hi Prateek,

You should mention the name of the client to whom the service has been rendered. Whatever fee deduction that has been done by the websites before transferring the payment to you shall be considered as the commission expenditure in your books.
For more details please feel free to connect on 8707297344

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