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✔ Business Incorporation✔ Accounting / Book keeping
✔ Company Auditing✔ Compliances
✔ Direct Taxation✔ Indirect Taxation
✔ Corporate Asset Management✔ Mergers & Acquisition / Investment Banking
✔ Payroll Management✔ Govt.Registrations and Licenses
✔ Corporate Registration & Verification✔ FEMA Compliances Consulting
✔ Corporate Legal Consulting✔ Business Tax Planning and Management
✔ Business Planning & Initiation✔ Internal Audit

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✔ Banking✔ Consumer Markets
✔ Education and Training✔ Engineering
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✔ Manufacturing✔ Oil and Gas
✔ Pharmaceuticals✔ Real Estate
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Daman Gill

3 Months ago

Can one switch to filing ITR2 if there are no FnO trades for the year? I have been filing ITR3 for the past 3 years as I had some FnO income.

CA Damini Agarwal     4 Jan 2021

Yes you can switch to different ITR according to sources of income for a particular financial year .

CA Puja Sharma     5 Jan 2021


CA Naman Maloo     10 Jan 2021


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7 Months ago

If someone working on freelancer website and his all clients are international, what should he put the Name in GST Invoice?
Whether it should be name of these website or name of clients. The money comes to freelancer's bank account from these website.
But actually, The money is paid to these websites by clients and then these website pays to freelancer after cutting their fee.

Mr Mukundhan Premkumar     27 Aug 2020

Call me 9345861079

CA Damini Agarwal     27 Aug 2020

Hi Prateek,

You should mention the name of the client to whom the service has been rendered. Whatever fee deduction that has been done by the websites before transferring the payment to you shall be considered as the commission expenditure in your books.
For more details please feel free to connect on 8707297344

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11 Months ago

Are dropshipping businesses liable to pay GST? I am confused because all our customers are from the USA and we dont charge them any GST. Moreover we do not keep inventory in India and the stock is neither imported into India nor exported from India.

CA Naman Maloo     9 May 2020

No need for GST.
I am handling taxes for various dropshipping clients so if you need any assistance feel free to contact me at

CA Damini Agarwal     9 May 2020

Hi Vedant,

You do not need to pay GST under this business model. However, you need to complete the compliances of regular filing and reporting under GST regime. Filings are made mandatory by the department in order to keep the track of turnover for a financial year.

Hence you are not liable to pay GST but you need to file the returns for the same.

Feel free to connect in case of any queries. Happy to help !
CA Damini Agarwal
Ph : 8707297344
Partner | International Taxation - Global Mobility | GST
Income Tax | Corporate Affairs
Witcorp India Advisors LLP

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Abhishek Kumar

1 a year ago

I joined a new company without resigning from previous company . I worked at previous company only for 2 months but got money in pf . will that be issue ?

CA Damini Agarwal     24 Feb 2020

What do you mean by without resigning ? Does this mean you did not serve notice period or you mean to say that you have withdrawn salary from two companies at a time ? Please elaborate.

CA Kantha Manjegowda     1 Mar 2020

my view, no issue in PF, previous employer may create issue

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1 a year ago

Is the sub contractor liable to pay service tax if the contractor is exempted from it? It pertains to export of software maintenance as service.

CA Vivek Chiraniya     22 Feb 2020

Export of Service is not exempted from GST but is considered as Zero Rated Supply on fulfillment of certain conditions. Services can be exported on payment of IGST or without payment of IGST against LUT/Bond. Without going into further details reg export of service, please note that a sub-contractor, supplying services to the exporter of services, is not exempt from levy of GST unless the services he is supplying are exempt otherwise.

CA Damini Agarwal     24 Feb 2020

If a service is taxable under domestic supply then sub contractor shall be liable to pay GST on the same. It does not matter even if the contractor is exporting the service on which he is claiming exemption under Zero rated category.

CA Kantha Manjegowda     1 Mar 2020

sub contractor liable to service tax (GST)

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Kkunal Jain

1 a year ago

I want to start an online counselling, education and consultancy service, what type of registration should i go for? Should I register my business as a sole proprietorship? Please how should I proceed?

CA Naman Maloo     21 Feb 2020

You don't need any registration right now as such.
Once you exceed 20 lakh receipt you need register for GST.
If you need any further assistance feel free to contact me at

CA Damini Agarwal     24 Feb 2020

Yeah, you can start with Sole proprietorship model. This model has least compliance requirements. Hence it will help you in concentrating on business without sacrificing much time on other filings and compliance. For more assistance, contact on 8707297344

CA Kantha Manjegowda     1 Mar 2020

in my view, you can start with sole proprietorship, register under shops and establishment GST on crossing 20 lacs income, suggest private compnay in case of funding, multiple co-founder.. all the best

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1 a year ago

Made an error in GSTR-3B last month. Submitted the ITC in the import section by mistake. But it does appear on the dashboard under credits. But shows a shortfall of whole amount in the ITC claimed & due report. Do I file the return this time with whole amount? What will happen to the amount showing on dashboard?

CA Naman Maloo     19 Feb 2020

You need to first reverse the amount in current month return and then fill in the correct details.
If you need professional assistance feel free to contact me at

CA Damini Agarwal     19 Feb 2020

Hi Ana,

You can reverse the incorrect amounts while filing 3B and then fill in the correct amounts in the ITC section.
Feel free to contact on damini.agarwal@the or call on 8707297344.

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R Venkata Kamaraju

1 a year ago

Tax audit for stock tarder

CA Naman Maloo     10 Feb 2020

If you need professional assistance feel free to contact me at

CA Damini Agarwal     16 Feb 2020

Please feel free to connect for tax audits for stock trading category. Would be happy to assist. Contact : 8707297344

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1 a year ago

I want an individual gst number as i don't have any company registered name. I have to put some events on bookmyshow that's why i need gst number. help me with the required documents and procedure pls.

CA Neeraj Bansal     16 Feb 2020

Contact me at 9718046555 call or whatsapp

CA Neeraj Bansal     16 Feb 2020

Call whatsapp me at 9718046555

CA Damini Agarwal     16 Feb 2020

HI Rishabh, Please feel free to connect on 8707297344 for the GST registration assistance.

CA Ram K     19 Feb 2020

contact me at or whatsup at 9291318650

CA Naman Maloo     19 Feb 2020

You can easily get a GST number.
Just send the following details on below email id.
PAN card, aadhar card, rent agreement, electricity bill.
If you need professional assistance feel free to contact me at

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Joshi Jose

1 a year ago

I need to know how to calculate TDS if a person joins a new organization in the mid of the accounting year (for eg: Sep), wherein he was unemployed from Apr to Aug.

CA Damini Agarwal     27 Dec 2019

The income earned from the period Sept- March shall be considered as total income under the head salary. Accordingly, you can claim deductions over it and then apply applicable tax rate to compute taxes. Total tax liability of the year shall be divided by the number of months which is 7 in your case and then equal amount of monthly TDS shall be deducted while paying salary each month. Feel free to connect on 8707297344 or in case of any further assistance with respect to payroll compliance.

CA Naman Maloo     28 Dec 2019

You can ask for his previous form 16 if he is not providing then you can consider you salary as total income and deduct TDS accordingly.
If you need any further assistance feel free to contact me at

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