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AKC&Associates is a Domchanch Based Accounting and Taxation Firm, established by young and advanced Chartered Accountants to provide best in house Tax advisory, Accounting and Auditing services.

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Domchanch, Koderma Jharkhand 825409
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✔ Business Incorporation✔ Accounting / Book keeping
✔ Company Auditing✔ Compliances
✔ Direct Taxation✔ Indirect Taxation
✔ Payroll Management✔ Govt.Registrations and Licenses
✔ Business Tax Planning and Management✔ Business Planning & Initiation
✔ Financial Services / Funds Raising✔ Internal Audit

Industry Experience
✔ Automobiles✔ Consumer Markets
✔ Education and Training✔ Financial Services
✔ Healthcare✔ Infrastructure
✔ Manufacturing✔ Services
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2 a year ago

My gross income is 13,84000. I have donated 5 lc to political party to under 80ggc, to take benefit. I want to know that is this proper?? Can I claim total 5lc under 80ggc??

CA Aditya Choudhary     20 Nov 2021

Yes 100% deduction can be claimed for donation to political party or electoral trust under section 80ggc.
Buy yes payment should be made from only banking channel. No deduction for cash donation.

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4 a year ago

I contribute to section 80C for 1.5lakhs per year by investing in PPF, NSC. Can I contribute to NPS for 50,000 and claim it under 80ccD? or should I contribute the initial allowed investment of 1.5lakhs under NPS only to avail the extended benefit of 50,000 deduction?

CA Aditya Choudhary     3 Feb 2020

Contributions made towards Tier 1 are tax deductible and qualify for deductions under Section 80CCD(1) and Section 80CCD(1B). This means you can invest up to Rs. 2 lakh in an NPS Tier 1 account and claim a deduction for the full amount, i.e. Rs. 1.50 lakh under Sec 80CCD(1) and Rs. 50,000 under Section 80CCD(1B).

CA Aditya Choudhary     3 Feb 2020

In short yes but only if u invest in NPS Tier 1
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