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I am a Chartered Accountant with 6 years of experience in Kolkata associated with a partnership firm and do all types of accounting, finance, taxation etc assignments


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Poddar Court, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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✔ Business Incorporation✔ Fund Raising (Debt / Equity)
✔ Accounting / Book keeping✔ Company Auditing
✔ Compliances✔ Financial Consulting and MIS
✔ Direct Taxation✔ Indirect Taxation
✔ Corporate Asset Management✔ Personal Wealth Planning
✔ Mergers & Acquisition / Investment Banking✔ Govt.Registrations and Licenses
✔ Intellectual Property✔ Corporate Restructuring
✔ Corporate Registration & Verification✔ FEMA Compliances Consulting
✔ Corporate Legal Consulting✔ Business Tax Planning and Management
✔ Business Planning & Initiation✔ Financial Services / Funds Raising
✔ Internal Audit✔ GST

Industry Experience
✔ Automobiles✔ Banking
✔ Cement✔ Consumer Markets
✔ Education and Training✔ Financial Services
✔ Healthcare✔ Infrastructure
✔ Insurance✔ IT & ITeS
✔ Manufacturing✔ Pharmaceuticals
✔ Science and Technology✔ Steel
✔ Textiles✔ Tourism and Hospitality
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1 Months ago

I did not got bank account when i filed at SPICE+ MCA

    25 May 2020

You have to check with MCA customer care

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1 Months ago

Hi, is there a legal way to save GST on apartment maintenance in Bengaluru? Can the cost split be done to keep the maintenance below GST cap limit of Rs.7500/month? Do water bill or electricity etc. utilities come under GST? Some CA say it is illegal. Any suggestion to keep the cost down would be appreciated.

    25 May 2020

You cannot break up the maintenance cost to avoid GST

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26 Days ago

I recently pais 90 thousand hospital bill for my mother, which i filed for reimbursment claim from by Insurance company (in which my parents are also covered), i recieved the reimbursment amount 0f 83 thousand will this amount be taxable for me ?

    25 May 2020

No, the receipt of Insurance claim is not taxable.

    31 May 2020

No this wont be taxable.

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16 Days ago

Revised IT will be an issue for getting loan ??

    25 May 2020

No, revised ITR is not an issue for getting loan

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Dileshwar Singh Deshmukh

9 Days ago

Hi, I changed my job recently, from let's say company X to company Y. Company X has the policy to serve 90 days notice & in case of any short notice same gets recovered from employees full & final settlement. However, company Y promised to pay short notice recovery levied by company X. Amid all these what happened is, Company X recovered from me Let's assume 120/- = 100/- short notice recovery + 20/- GST. But company Y reimbursed 100/- as short notice recovery amount but I actually received 80/- = 100/- short notice recovery - 20% TDS. Overall due to Taxes (GST & TDS) involved I ended up losing 40/-, hence the question is "Can I claim some portion of 40/- & how" Please help

    2 Jun 2018

Hello Dileshwar, The employee can claim TDS while filling there income tax returns. Please call us on 7259165604 for further suggestions.

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Biswajeeta Dalabehera

11 Days ago

Is it good to close housing loan in early tenure

    28 May 2018

Hello, It depends on what nature of income you have? Structure,how much you wish to repay etc. Please call us on 7259165604 for further details.

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20 Days ago

Hi am looking to understand applicability of presumptive tax - 44ADA on my professional services and also looking for tax filing services against the same. Please revert

    18 May 2018

Hello Rakesh, Let us know what guidelines you need for 44ADA, you can contact us on 7259165604 to guide you in detail.

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2 a year ago

I own a apartment flat in bangalore which I want to give on rent. The flat is in my name and registered to my PAN number. I have another HUF PAN card for my family. Is there a way I can display my rent income to the HUF PAN card.

    26 Apr 2018

Hello Vishal, You need to show as your income not as income of HUF..

    2 May 2018


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Bappa D

2 a year ago

I am having resident savings account in 3 banks . I have redesignate one account from one bank to NRO just after reaching abroad. (Not yet NRI as per IT act yet ..) ... My question is if I do not redesignate other bank accounts due difficulties in doing so from out side india .. will it be problem ? If yes what can be the consequences ??

RK & Associates     11 Apr 2018

I think you meant Resident as per IT act
However in this case the condition to convert your bank account starts immediately after you move abroad.
So you have to get the accounts converted to NRO/NRE as the case may be.
Further if you don't plan to use the other two accounts and let it be as it is - then no consequences

    11 Apr 2018

As per FEMA regulation, when a resident’s status changes to NRI the resident savings account have to be converted to an NRO account. In simple words, it’s illegal to maintain a saving bank account for NRIs. Most of the people make a mistake of maintaining a resident saving bank account even after becoming an NRI. However, the law does not allow it.
Banks prescribe specific forms for the conversion of existing savings accounts to NRO accounts. Forms can be obtained from the bank or downloaded from the bank website.
Documents: A new account opening form also needs to be submitted to support the conversion request. Address proof of the overseas address must also be provided. Copies of the applicant’s passport, valid visa or work permit and OCI/PIO card (if applicable) must be submitted.

If you have already moved abroad without completing this formality, you can get copies of all your documents attested by the Indian Embassy or Notary and send them to the branch.

In the present case, Once the status changes to NRI the redesignation should be done.

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