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Ayush Bansal

2 a year ago

My father retired in year 2017 and he had received gratuity amount which we couldn't claim in that year. Can we claim it now?

NA Na Na     17 Jul 2021

You need to claim in that year. non claim may have impact. for further details you may contact me on or 9708549709

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Arvind Bartaria

4 a year ago

My income is in US dollars and my wife is not working. In the year 2016 I decided to take up higher studies abroad for 14 months and to finance it I sold an apartment (in my name and wife) for 40 lakhs (which I bought four years back) at gains of 13 lakhs (the difference between the cost and selling price of the apartment). To be on the safe side I also took an education loan of 10 lakhs from public bank. The money received from selling flat was invested in fixed deposit in my wife's name. The total cost of education with all other expenses comes to 35 lakhs which is mentioned in the university booklet.
Since she is a housewife I did not file any returns but received a SMS from IT department to explain the investment(code NIN03) of fixed deposit of 12 lakhs and explain other source of income (NOS01). I would like to know the amount of tax I will have to pay.

NA Na Na     30 May 2019

On sale of Flat you need to pay Capital Gain and you claim Exemption by making investment.
for suggestion regarding to tax i need more details.

to contact me on or 9708549709

CA Vaibhav Mago     30 May 2019

Well, Mr Arvind the facts provided by you looks incomplete.
But, taking into account the information, your wife is earning interest on FD. As well as, she has also earned a capital gains on the property sold.
For further clarifications, contact 9877542172,

CA Naman Maloo     30 May 2019

You have not paid tax on sale of flat no tax on interest income your wife would have earned also this income would be clubbed in you as you have gifted the amount to your wife.
I don't think you have properly calculated the amount of tax.
You should have consulted the CA earlier.
However now if you need any consultation you can mail me at

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Ramamurthy K V

4 a year ago

Hi I have a flat and would like to gift to my Mom and pay rent to her to get the HRA benefit. Do you see any problem here?

CA Naman Maloo     6 May 2019

no there is no problem just prepare a valid rent agreement.
In case of further discussion you can contact at or call at 7984894562

CA Urvi Gandhi     6 May 2019

Hi Ramamurthy, there is a problem. This is clear case of Tax Evasion. High chances of scrutiny. I would not suggest you to do this kind of arrangement.

NA Na Na     6 May 2019

yes there is problem. as per clubbing provision there is no transfer and you are deemed as owner.

for more details contact on 9708549709

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Abhinav Patil

4 a year ago

I had filed an wrong ITR for AY 2017, for which I've got an intimation under section 143(1) demanding rs: 28000/- but actually my total income was only rs 285898.00/-. This amount does reflect in the Form 16 and 26AS. Now I have filed an revised ITR and again got the intimation demanding rs 0/-, but the problem is 28000 rs have already deducted from my bank account. How can I get the refund for this.

NA Na Na     4 May 2019

you have to claim refund
For more details call on 9708549709

CA Naman Maloo     4 May 2019

You need to consult a CA..
You can mail me at or call on 7984894562

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Viraj Varde

11 Days ago

I am male 31, unmarried , I want to know what all documents / Fess / procedure to transfer my fathers name to my name of our house(area 1.5 gunta fully built, market road touched) which is located in Khanapur Taluka & comes under Muncipal corporation.

NA Na Na     11 Apr 2019

need to contact local register office for this detials

CA Naman Maloo     20 Apr 2019

I think you can do this by simple executing a Gift deed as your father is transferring land to you.

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22 Days ago

I am an nri since 13 years. I have a resident demat account which i use to buy stocks. Recently i have acquired some stocks which i would like to sell wifhin 2 weeks time.Am i allowed to do this? What tax on capital gains will i be liable to pay? If i am not allowed to do this, what is the penalty?

    31 Mar 2019

Yes you are allowed to sell these shares, only intraday trading and short selling is prohibited for Nri's. Further capital gain will be short term or long term depending on your period of holding. If your holding is more than 1 year then Long term capital gain is applicable else short term.

CA Utsav Khandelwal     31 Mar 2019

Yes, you can sell them even in a day if you want. Short term capital gain tax will apply in your case. For further query call 9549912646

NA Na Na     2 Apr 2019

you have to pay short term capital gain.
for more details contact on 9708549709 or

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Aaditya Kumar

20 Days ago

Can you elaborate on gst related issues ?

NA Na Na     2 Apr 2019

contact 9708549709

CA Damini Agarwal     4 Apr 2019

Please feel free to connect on 8707297344 for complete information on GST related issues.

CA Damini Agarwal     4 Apr 2019

Please feel free to connect on 8707297344 for complete information on GST related issues.

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19 Days ago

Due to partnership dissolution, my training institute was dissolved. Right now there is not company available, but i need to file tax for the year 2018-19. How can i do that?

NA Na Na     2 Apr 2019

you have to fill return for more details contact on 9708549709

CA Richa Agarwal     3 Apr 2019

As your firm was in operation in the said period return is required to be filed as per the profit and loss prepared during dissolution.

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25 Days ago

How to verify different branches of a store in a particular location. Like Nike or Croma has different branches in Bangalore. What is the proper and unique way to identify each of those branches ? Like with License number or GST IN or what else is it ?

NA Na Na     27 Mar 2019

Best way by Name
for more details contact on 9708549709

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Shashank Vijayvargiya

5 a year ago

I took a personal loam to payoff my education loan. Can I claim the interest paid in personal loan as deduction as it was availed to pay for education loan?

CA     20 Mar 2019

As per Sec 80E of Income tax Act 1961, interest on educational loan taken from financial institution or approved charitable institution qualifies for deduction.

There is no such clause in the section which specify that interest on loan taken to repay original educational loan will qualify for deduction,so you cannot claim it as deduction.

For any further help,contact at or 8355841137

NA Na Na     24 Mar 2019

contact on 9708549709 or

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