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2 Months ago

I am a salaried person and want to know under which section should I disclose purchase of residential plot bought and paid by my husband in my name. The value of the land is Rs 4.5L . Do I need to mention the amount while declaration. Pl help.

CA Puja Sharma     18 Jul 2022

No need to mention the purchase of property while filing your IT Return.
For any assistance in IT Return filing, you can connect with us at

CA Rohit Jain     19 Jul 2022

If your Total income is more than 50 lac then disclose the same in Schedule AL else no need to disclose the purchase of property.

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2 Months ago

My company gives conveyance Allowance, Can I get claim of Rs 19200 for this allowance in ITR form ?

CA Rohit Jain     19 Jul 2022


CA Roomi Gupta     19 Jul 2022

Conveyance Allowance is granted to meet the expenditure incurred on conveyance in performance of duties of an office . It is exempt to the extent of expenditure incurred. For more detail connect us or 9216216819

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Muhammed Deshmukh

4 Days ago

I have been working for the last 5 years but never filed Income Tax return. If I file this year can I get refund for TDS deducted from my salary 4-5 years ago?

CA Mehul Aggarwal     21 Sep 2021

You can not claim refund for previous years, only for the current year.

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 Sep 2021

Now the provision of IT Act has been amended and belated returns can't be filled . You can file ITR for FY 2020-21 only .
For further clarification you can reach me or 9004485377

CA Rohit Jain     24 Sep 2021

You can file ITR for FY 2020-21 only . and can only claim tds/refund of FY 2020-21 only.

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Shivam Tomar

3 Days ago

Suppose my business made 10 lakh rupees of profit, then I bought computers worth 10 Lakh, since pc components are assets and I can't deduct them from taxable amount like expenses, will I have to pay tax on 10 lakh rupees?

CA Rahul Dwivedi     22 Sep 2021

On purchase of Fixed Assets like computer you can claim depreciation and after deducting depreciation on balance amount you have to pay tax.
For Further discussion & planing purpose you can reach me on or 9004485377

CA Rohit Jain     24 Sep 2021

claim depreciation, and pay tax on balance

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Shivanshu Pal


I have purchased a laptop and invoice is gst invoice but i forgot to mention company name on the invoice but gst number is there and name and billing address in invoice is my address instead of company name and address.
Can i claim Input Tax Credit? If yes,will there be any legal consequences?

CA Rahul Dwivedi     24 Sep 2021

Dear Mr. Pal,
please check is it reflecting in your 2A/2B if answer is yes then you can claim else not.

CA Rohit Jain     24 Sep 2021


CA Aditya Dhanuka     24 Sep 2021

Dear Shivnashu,

In reference to your query, in so far as the ITC is reflecting in your 2B you may claim the ITC.

Legal consequences, if any, would arise only if your file falls under departmental review and the said invoice is highlighted by the personnel. Otherwise, for small procedural errors, it is not a matter for concern.

Please advise in case of any other clarification.

Thanks & Regards,
CA Aditya Dhanuka.
+91 98365 43836

Shivanshu Pal     25 Sep 2021

Thanks sir

CA Deepak Kucheria     25 Sep 2021

Strictly speaking, in order to avail ITC the recipient must possess the Tax Invoice which should have been prepared by incorporating the particulars mentioned in Rule 46 of CGST Rules and it specifically requires Name of the recipient as well. In absence of it, the invoice becomes a defective invoice basis which ITC can easily be denied by the department. It is advisable to contact the vendor and get the Name incorporated in the invoice to avoid any litigation. For more information, kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028.

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Leela Krishna Bharath Edibillli

11 Days ago

Hello, my package is 15.2 lakhs per annum, need your guidance in saving the tax.please suggest

CA Mehul Aggarwal     13 Sep 2021


You can opt for life insurance, 5 year FD, ELSS mutual funds to claim deduction under section 80C.
You can go for Mediclaim to claim deduction under section 80D.
If you've a home loan currently, then that can also lead to tax savings.
You can also deposit in NPS to claim deduction upto Rs 50000.
For a more personalized tax planning, feel free to contact us at or 9811896771

NA Na Na     13 Sep 2021

Please call at 7679875546

CA Rohit Jain     13 Sep 2021

Other than 80C - Life Insurance etc and 80D-Medicliam etc ........ Home loan is the best way to save tax. else if you have any Receipts of donations, you can save tax. For a more personalized tax planning, feel free to contact us at or 9929511888

CA Rahul Dwivedi     13 Sep 2021

Few Tips as below :
1) 80 C deduction Rs. 1.5 Lacs -includes PF, LIC, NSC, Tax Saver FD, Home Loan Princila Repayment, Equity Oriemted Mutual Fund (not all Mutual Fund) etc.
2) 80 CCD : NPS contribution Rs. 50,000/-
3) 80 D - Medi-Claimed Premium
4) Home Loan Interest Upto 2 Lacs
5) HRA deduction can be claimed
This are the Immediate Tips , For Further Assistance you can reach me on or 9004485377

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11 Days ago

Hello CAs, I'm buying an agricultural land in a rural area. As a buyer, will there by any tax implications for me? Do i need to pay tax as a buyer? I will be paying stamp duty and registration fee as per govt fee. Property value is less than 50L. Do i need to consider anything for stamp duty/registration fee as a buyer? As a buyer, do i need to declare something in my returns?

CA Rohit Jain     13 Sep 2021

No, no need to pay any income tax on purchase of property.

CA Rahul Dwivedi     13 Sep 2021

As a buyer you are not required to pay anything else apart from stamp duty & registration fee. However please note below points
1) In subsequent year never forgot to declare agriculture income in your ITR, even though it is exempt & considered only for rate purpose.
2) If you have business income & filing ITR 3, incorporate agriculture Land in your balance sheet.
Wright not no additional disclosure required.
For Further Assistance you can reach me on or 9004485377

Prashanth     13 Sep 2021

Thank you very much for your answers Mr. Rohit and Mr. Rahul.

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Darshak Dharod

18 Days ago

Respected Sir/Madam, I have query regarding HRA component under tax. I am paying rent of 12000 per month to my landlord and this amount is more than 1 lakh per year due to which I have to provide PAN no. of my landlord while claiming HRA under tax. My concern is My landlord do not file ITR, So will it cause any problem to me ? Note : I am paying rent in cash as my landlord want rent in cash and I do get rent receipt for same from my landlord.
Awaiting for your response, Thanks in advance.

CA Mehul Aggarwal     8 Sep 2021

You won't face any problem in this case.

CA Rohit Jain     10 Sep 2021

No problem in your case.

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Rahul Kumar

17 Days ago

In Fy 20-21 I have gain profit 3.60 Lakh from Share trading and delivery turnover was 8.0 crore and intraday turnover was 2 crore so total turnover was 10 crore CA told me that we can show this as investment in capital gain tax and no need of any tax audit in my case but one of my friend told me that audit is mandatory in my case because turnover is more than 2 crore so kindly suggest what to do in my case ...

CA Hunny Badlani     7 Sep 2021

As per the details provided, tax audit in your case would be mandatory. You must go for tax audit and declare the delivery trading under non speculative business and intraday trading as speculative business under the head business/profession. Further, you can claim several eligible expenses such as trading expenses, demat charges, SEBI Fees, transaction charges, STT, IGST, depreciation on laptop/desktop, internet charges, etc.
I hope that this answer satisfies your requirements. For any query or if you want to know our charges for tax audit in your case or documents required for the same, please feel free to contact us at badlaniassociates at Gmail.

CA Hunny Badlani
Badlani & Associates

CA Rohit Jain     10 Sep 2021

In my opinion, you should disclose your delivery profit under the head Capital Gain and Intraday day trading under the head Business. No need for audit.
For more details call me on 9929511888

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16 Days ago

My brother in law(wife's brother) has earned 2 crore through commission and received the amount after TDS deduction form a company account into his saving account. He wishes to provide me 1 crore. what is the process should we execute and gift deed? what are the implications of income tax.

CA Mehul Aggarwal     8 Sep 2021

Your brother in law should transfer the said amount in your wife's account. In such a case, income tax will not be applicable. No gift deed to be executed. For more information, please feel free to contact us on 9811896771 or

CA Rohit Jain     10 Sep 2021

Brother can gift any amount as gift to sister. Better to execute a gift deed as an documentary evidence. For more information, please feel free to contact on 9929511888

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