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1 a year ago

Have taken personal loan. The money got credited to my bank account.

Income Tax department may consider this as Income and tax it. How to prevent this?

What to write in ITR?

CA Yash Shah     25 Mar 2021

Hi, It is a loan taken by you and not earnings hence it can't be added in income. However you should keep the necessary loan documents like sanction letter, loan agreement with you so that you can prove this if any inquiry or question is raised by the Income Tax department.

Secondly if you are a salaried person, there is no need to declare this in your ITR. If you are having business, you can show this as a loan in your financials if the purpose of the loan is for business

CA Puja Sharma     26 Mar 2021

No, this will not be treated as a loan. If you receive any query then you have to give the explanation that the amount received is a loan.

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1 a year ago

I am being asked to pay tax due when filing ITR for interest on my savings. Is there any way to avoid that

CA Yash Shah     2 Jan 2021

What is the amount of interest earned on savings account?

CA Naman Maloo     3 Jan 2021

You can book a consultation to help you in better way:

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1 a year ago

Sir I'm using 3 credit cards a limit of 3lakhs and spending it every month for my business. I swipe card to purchase goods from departmental store. I'm earning a margin of 5 percent.what is the percentage of tax I should pay to government. All my customers make payment through cash.

CA Yash Shah     2 Jan 2021

Tax will depend upon the net income you earn. Please connect on 7045760379 on Monday for further discussion

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Priyamvada Shende

1 a year ago

I am a salaried individual with no other income.

I missed filling out the interest earned from savings account in my ITR for AY 20-21. What will be the repercussions for this? Can this be rectified?

CA Yash Shah     26 Dec 2020

Hi, need to know what is the interest in savings account which you have missed. You can file revised return before 31st December 2020. Please call on 7045760379 for further guidance

CA Navin Jain     5 Jan 2021

Please connect on +91 9830375894/

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Rohit Vijjapu

1 a year ago

I have an engagement offer as a consultant for 4 months. They have offered 2,00,000 per month for 48 hours/ week
1. What would be tax per month?
2. How can I raise an invoice after each month?

CA Yash Shah     16 Dec 2020

Hi Sir, you can connect on 7045760379. Will be able to guide you on this since I am working as a consultant with a couple of companies

CA Puja Sharma     17 Dec 2020

Your taxation will depend upon the total income earned by you in the Financial Year. If the client will be paying you as a professional then they will deduct TDS u/s 194J @ 7.5%(till 31.03.2021) and apy teh rest amount to you.
If the client is paying you as a salary then the TDS will depend upon the slab rate applicable upon you. For tax planning you can connect with us or +91 94615 28592

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Shivani Monga

1 a year ago

I have applied a home loan in my name but the property is registered in my mothers name. Can i avail tax benefit while filing ITR??

CA Yash Shah     12 Dec 2020

Hi, For availing tax benefit both conditions should be fulfilled i.e. 1. Loan repayment from your income 2. Property ownership in your name. Since the property is registered in name of your mother, you cannot avail tax benefit. Please connect on 7045760379 for further queries

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1 a year ago

If I hire a freelancer based out of India on some portal like, do I need to pay any tax to Indian Government?

CA Yash Shah     11 Nov 2020

Hi, if the freelancer is GST registered, he/she may charge you GST over and above the fees. Please connect on 7045760379 for further discussion

CA Puja Sharma     11 Nov 2020

As per my opinion, TDS shall be deducted on the foreign remittance to be made if its increases the threshold limit.

CA Naman Maloo     15 Nov 2020

Technically you must pay GST on reverse charge. Also TDS u/s 195 depending who is issuing you invoice.
If you need any further assistance you can book consultation with expert at:

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Arvind Varma

1 a year ago

My wife's bank pays lease of Rs 20,000 and I pay the balance Rs 4000 making total to Rs 24,000. Can I claim Rs 24,000 in HRA exemption in ITR Form

CA Yash Shah     10 Nov 2020

Hi, you can claim only Rs. 4000 and you should be able to prove this amount paid

CA Puja Sharma     11 Nov 2020

No you can claim only Rs. 4000

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1 a year ago

I got an SMS 'Dear taxpayer, Income tax Dept has received information about high value transactions relating to Bhupinder (XXXX) for FY 2018-19. However, as per records available, ITR for AY 2019-2020 is not been filed, please file FTR' Question - I have filed al my ITRs from year 2014 till date.. please help me, there are also no issues listed under e-campaign tab on CPC website, please tell me what should i do?

CA Yash Shah     27 Oct 2020

Hi Yogesh, please call on 7045760379. May be a hoax message

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Prasann Kumar

1 a year ago

For a salaried Employees who are falling in 30% Bracket, having FD's earning interest >40K per annum, while filing IT do i need to pay 30% tax earned interest on FD'S or only 10%

CA Yash Shah     21 Oct 2020

Hi Prasann, it will be 30%

CA Stuti Shah     21 Oct 2020

Hey prasann,

Tax slab would be applicable in general way like your income i.e 30% and not 10%.

Kindly contact us at or 9825330911 for any professional advise

CA Naman Maloo     25 Oct 2020

yes tax needs to be paid at slab rate. 10% is the TDS rate.

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