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16 Days ago
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Thank you for very prompt response and to the point. It really helped me knowing the indirect taxation well.

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Anand Agrawal


Can I invest 1.5 Lacks each in PPF, NPS and ELSS ?

CA Deepak Kucheria     10 Aug 2022

Yes you can invest 1.5 Lacs in each of the above schemes. However, tax deduction u/s 80C would be restricted to aggregate of all three to the extent of Rs. 1,50,000. For more information, kindly connect with us at +91-9911744028 or

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Ajit Kumar


do i need to register GST if i provide online services entirely to foreign clients/Company and receiving payment in USD/INR conversion?
Or i just need to take care of income tax only?
As i raise invoice to clients there is no way to mentioned GST to foreign clients so in this case if i need to gst registration then how to pay gst beacuse i do not add gst in invoice for foreign clients...
Thank you

CA Deepak Kucheria     10 Aug 2022

Registration would depend upon the amount of total revenue earned. Further, whether you need to pay GST or your services would qualify as export would depend upon the nature of service provided. Kindly connect with us for detailed discussion at +91-9911744028 or

AJIT Kumar    10 Aug 2022

Thank you sir...
Is there any certain limit for revenue earning in a year, and after that limit i need to register GST?

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Anirban Banerjee

8 Days ago

What is/are the way/s to save tax?I work in a MNC where I don't have taxable income & simultaneously I work as a consultant in a different company where a 10% TDS deduction.My total gross income is 9.51 lacs yearly.TDS deducted 4k monthly.

CA Deepak Kucheria     3 Aug 2022

There are several ways to save taxes. Kindly book a consultation to understand the financial planning as per your risk appetite. You may connect with us at or +91-9911744028

CA Rahul Dwivedi     6 Aug 2022

Dear Anirban,
You are getting professional fees for rendering consultation service, for freelancer tax planning can be done within the ambit of law and tax can be saved to great extent.
For further consultation you can approach us on or 9004485377.

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Abhishek Das

18 Days ago

Hi FY 2021-22 is my 1st year in trading. Before that only salary. Non-Speculative+Speculative turnover is 91L loss 60k . Capital Gains 5k .
Want to carry forward loss.
tax audit applicable?
Thank You.

CA Hunny Badlani     23 Jul 2022


Yes, Tax audit would be applicable.
It will also be beneficial for you to go with the tax audit option and claiming the loss.

I hope this answer satisfies your requirements. For a detailed resolution of your query, you can contact us directly at badlaniassociates at Gmail or take a phone consultation.

CA Hunny Badlani
Badlani & Associates

CA Deepak Kucheria     23 Jul 2022

Prima facie audit would not be applicable in our case. For any further queries kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028.

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Priyamvada Shende

1 Months ago

I joined a new role in new organization in end or march 2022. While calculating taxable income, my new employer did not take into account the salary received from previous employer. As the salary for my period of employment (last few days of march) with new employer was in the lowest tax bracket (no TDS), they did not deduct tax. Is there a way for me to pay the tax difference right now without having to wait till filing ITR and avoid penalties ?

CA Rahul Dwivedi     29 Jun 2022

Dear Priyamvada Shende,
You are liable topay tax on both the salary irrespective of whether your employer included your previous salary in it or not.
In case you failed to disclose income in future you may receive notice U/s 148.It is advisable to file ITR including both the salary and pay the tax.
For further consultation on return filing, Tax planning you can approach us on or 9004485377

CA Deepak Kucheria     29 Jun 2022

Yes you can pay differential tax yourself even before filing the ITR. For more information kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028

CA Puja Sharma     29 Jun 2022

You can pay the estimated tax liability under the self-assessment. This will save you interest for a month if you are considering to file the return in July 2022

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2 Months ago

Hi, my taxable income is 786000 and I didn't have any knowledge on tax saving ways.
I have maintained my balance of 400000 in savings account and I have invested in mf that comes with no lock-in period.Now my tds deduction sum up to 70000.Please advise if there is some way to claim any tax benefit.
This taxable income is after declaring my interest in home loan for 1,50,000

CA Deepak Kucheria     6 Jun 2022

There are numerous tax saving instruments. You have to invest as per your risk profile. You may consult us to assess your profile and invest in the instruments that suits our profile. Kindly connect with us at or +91-991174028.

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2 Months ago

A central govt. educational institution is paying an invoice of 4 lacs + 18% GST. The invoice is for providing artists (professional services) for an event. What are the deductions applicable? My opinion is 10% TDS on Income and 2% TDS on GST will be applicable in this case, so total 48000/- dedcution will be there. Am i correct?

CA K Narasimha Prakash     27 May 2022

In your case 2% on GST is not applicable since GST is not your income. We advised for central govt educational institution in tax matters. If you have specific query kindly consult tax advisor and reach us 7338838605

CA Deepak Kucheria     28 May 2022

Prima facie you are correct. You just need to ensure whether this educational institution is covered under "Department or Establishment of Government". For more information, kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028.

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4 Months ago

How to check better option for tax saving for new financial year. Shall I go with old Regime or shall I select New Regime. Package is more than between 20 - 30 LPA. Also there is no PAN number for Rented accommodation. Can someone suggest better.

CA Deepak Kucheria     6 Apr 2022

Kindly connect with us at Will assist you in your Tax planning

CA Rahul Dwivedi     7 Apr 2022

Dear Dan,
In salary package like your's , who utilises entire deduction of 80C and having mediclaim policy generally it is better to go with old regime. For detail understanding you can refer my article on tax guru "New Tax Rate for individual & HUFs- Who Should Opt?"
Read more at:
For further consultation you can reach us on or 9004485377

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4 Months ago

Just a normal.question, i am Natiinal health mission salaried person. i got drawn statement of ₹ 927584 fro..march 2021 to feb 2022.with no tds deducted from my salary. now i want to fill my tax online. i went to and i chose challan 280, type of payment as self assessment tax and assessment year as 2022-23. but when i go ahead it says Assessment Year cannot be greater than the current financial year for the type of payment selected by you. Can u tell where m i wrong. what to rectify

CA Deepak Kucheria     21 Mar 2022

You should select "Advance Tax" while making the Payment for AY 2022-23. For more information, you may connect with us at +91-9911744028 or

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Chetan Ahire

5 Months ago

Hi, I have opened sukanya samriddhi yojana account for my daughter linked to my account. Can my wife claim tax deduction in ITR for the same if I don't claim?

CA Deepak Kucheria     12 Mar 2022

Hi Sir, we would need some more information to solve your query. Kindly connect with us at +91-9911744028 or

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