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3 a year ago
Visited For Indirect Taxation

Thank you for very prompt response and to the point. It really helped me knowing the indirect taxation well.

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6 Months ago

I am living in a rented house. I want to start my e-commerce business in this property. So i need GST for the same. For GST registration i have rented agreement and electricity bill with me. Do i need Aadhar card and pan card of the landlord also?

CA Deepak Kucheria     20 May 2023

Hi, practically Yes. The GST officers are asking for PAN and Aadhar of Landlord to ensure the genuineness of documents. For more information kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028.

CA Rahul Dwivedi     22 May 2023

Dear Mr. Puneet,
First of all the Rent Agreement should be registered. Second you will require the electricity bill of rented property. many times officer also ask for the PAN card and Aadhar card of the owner. Now a days department raising no. of queries so it is recommended to get the PAN card & Aadhar card along-with the rent agreement.
You can approach us for further discussion at or 9004485377.

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Kaushiki Kumari

7 Months ago

I am a student. I have got stipend of 60000 pm for my 6 month internship duration. Do I need to file an ITR for this?

CA Deepak Kucheria     8 Apr 2023

Hi, although your income is below the taxable limit, however legally you would be required to file ITR as your income is exceeding Rs. 2,50,000. For more information, kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028.

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Nitin Singh

8 Months ago

I am starting business of sales of E ricksaw. As per GST till RS 40 lacs sale we do not need GST registration. Should we take GST now or wait till sale of Rs 40 lacs as i dont know how much i will end by March 2024. Kindly guide

CA Rahul Dwivedi     14 Mar 2023

Dear Nitin,
No need to take registration immediately, you can wait and when it is about to reach 40 Lacs you can apply for GST. Please keep in mind some time GST reg. gets immediately & some time it may take a month. so you can apply for reg. accordingly.
For further consultation you can approach us on or 9004485377

CA Deepak Kucheria     14 Mar 2023

Hi, You are correct that till Rs. 40 Lacs GST registration is not required. However, in case you are purchasing raw materials or other items for your business on which GST is charged by your supplier, then you will be able to take credit of the GST charged on that invoice only if you have GST registration. Hence it is advisable to obtaing GST registration if GST would be included in the purchases to be made for your business.
For more information, kindly connect with us at +91-9911744028 or

CA Naman Maloo     26 Mar 2023

I think you should take GST registration as you can take GST credit and that could reduce your cost. Also, if you are dealing with business they might need GST credit. For GST consultation click here:

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Prashant Gupta

9 Months ago

Sir maine gstr 1 file kar di hai
Par b2b invoice 2b me show ni kr rhi h
Wahan par aarha hai ki - FORM GSTR-2B shall be available only after last cutoff date
Iska mtlb

CA Deepak Kucheria     8 Mar 2023

GSTR-2B will be active after 13th. i.e. the cut - off date. For more information, kindly connect with us at +91-9911744028 or

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Allan Stanley

9 Months ago

Can a private limited company trade in futures and options

CA Deepak Kucheria     8 Mar 2023

Yes, no bar. For more information, kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028

CA Naman Maloo     26 Mar 2023

Yes you can but it can be covered under definition of NBFC so be aware of that as you need to do more compliances. For consultation CLICK HERE:

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Vaishali Anand

10 Months ago

I am a stock market trader and investor in Indian stock markets. I do it via a regular demat and trading account. My question is will I have any tax saving if I register a company for my trading ?

CA Deepak Kucheria     31 Jan 2023

Hi, it would depend upon the the amount of income earned. If the income earned is expected upto 10 Lacs per annum, then incorporating a Company is not suggested. However, if it is above 10 Lacs, then cost benefit analysis has to be done as Registering a Company would increase certain compliance costs however all income would be charged at flat 25%. The tax rates for individual PAN are as per the slab rates (2.5 L - 5L: 5%; more than 5L - 10L : 20%; above 10 Lacs it is 30%).
Fore more information, you may connect with us at or +91-9911744028

Vaishali Anand     31 Jan 2023

Thank you

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Vaibhav Kumar

10 Months ago

Hi, I recently gave out a interior work contract to a contractor for my office and he quoted me 3 lakh rupees for all the work including the cost of AC machine,Chairs, desk etc. Now in the final bill he is charging me GST twice, one for all the material used like chairs, desk, wood, glue etc for 30 thousand and 18% above that for his work. i want to ask is this normal practise to charge GST twice on the same invoice ?

CA Deepak Kucheria     28 Jan 2023

No he won't be charging GST twice on a single invoice. Might be he would be charging different GST rates on different supplies depending upon the specific GST rates. That's for sure, that he cannot charge GST twice on the same value. For more detailed information, kindly connect with us at +91-9911744028 or

CA Roomi Gupta     30 Jan 2023

Contractor should charge GST on his bill only i.e. of Rs. 300000/- however, Contractor can claim input of GST paid on purchase of material used like chairs, desk, wood etc. For more info , reach us @ or call at 9216216819

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3 Days ago

I have question like do we need to pay tax in India ? if we work from india for german company and receive the salary(tax already detected in Germany) in german bank account

CA Deepak Kucheria     4 Dec 2022

A resident in India has to pay Income tax in India on all the income earned globally. However, you may check whether there is DTAA between India and Germany so that you can claim credit of tax deducted in Germany. For more information, kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028.

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Sugandha Srivastava

1 Days ago

Can we deduct TDS while making payment to a Vietnam based vendor for taking online data services?

CA Deepak Kucheria     4 Dec 2022

You may refer Section 195 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for this purpose. For any consultation, kindly connect with us at or +91-9911744028.

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Umang Dixit

In year 2022, Income tax dept has given me outstanding demand notice for assessment year 2010-11 of Rs. 126680/- with accured interest of Rs. 23202/- in online protal. In Financial year 2009-10, My employer which was a govt dept has deducted TDS from my salary of amount Rs. 113549/-. I have form 16 with me for that year. Form 26AS from IT dept is also mentioning Rs 113549/- as tax deducted from salary but tax paid has status provisional. I submitted my response to IT dept online but again AO is not agreeing. He has not demanded any document from me and still it is showing outstanding demand in online portal. My office has closed its opeartions in year 2021. Please advice what to do.

CA Deepak Kucheria     4 Dec 2022

You may complaint at CPGRAM that you issue has not been resolved yeat. Hopefully, you will get the solution. For more info, kindly connect with us at +91-9911744028 or

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