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4 Months ago
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Thank you for very prompt response and to the point. It really helped me knowing the indirect taxation well.

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8 Days ago

I am a freelancer. I provide services to a US firm. Should i pay service tax on payments received?

CA Puja Sharma     17 Nov 2020

yes, export pf service is zero*rated supply under GST.

CA Deepak Kucheria     17 Nov 2020

Need to check the nature of services and modus operandi to determine whether it is export. If it qualifies as export then no need to pay GST if you opt for LUT. For further details you may contact at +91-9911744028

CA Rakshit Jain     17 Nov 2020

If you are directly providing services to US firm without any connection of them in india then i suggest there is no liability to pay. Bur require more clarification on this isuue.
Call at 9587334442 to discuss.

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17 Days ago

I am looking to buy products in USA to be sold to people there. If the products don't come to India, do I haveI to pay tax on them?

CA Naman Maloo     8 Nov 2020

Yes you have to because you are the owner who is controlling business from India.

CA Deepak Kucheria     8 Nov 2020

Income Tax would trigger, however GST would not trigger.

CA Namita Agarwal     9 Nov 2020

Yes, as business is controlled from India and you are likely to be resident of India ,you are required to pay taxes in India. For detailed discussion, you may connect at +91 93545 62098/

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Atul Jain

16 Days ago

We opened a small partnership firm in India whose main job is to connect teachers in India with clients outside India. The company provides online classes for various courses where teachers in India are the vendors for the company and the clients are all outside India and the payments are all received in the current account in foreign currency (converted to iNR by paypal) transacted via paypal. Since the client is located outside India, the company cannot charge GST and hence not sure whether company will come under export of services or intermediary services. Also, can the firm apply for GST composition tax

CA Naman Maloo     8 Nov 2020

We need to understand this transaction more whether you have crossed 20 lakh threshold or not and whether you are earning commission as you said you provide teachers to foreign company.
You can book a GST consultation with expert and discuss it in detail at:

Atul Jain     8 Nov 2020

Well, technically it is not a commission since I get the money in my account from foreign clients via paypal and then I give money to the teachers at a fixed rate. Teachers in this case are hired by me as a freelancer or a contractor or a vendor.

Atul Jain     8 Nov 2020

I have not crossed 20 lacs till now but i am not sure if I have to take GST registration from day 1 without any threshold since I am not sure if this actually falls under intermediary services

CA Deepak Kucheria     8 Nov 2020

It appears the firm is working on P2P model where it will earn revenue from its clients outside India and discharge payment to the teachers for their services which will be treated as its expense. Prima facie it would not be covered under intermediary service. However, agreements need to be analyzed before making final opinion. Further, w.r.t. composition registration, condition of inter-state supply need to be evaluated. For legal opinion you may contact at +91-9911744028 or

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Manoj Kumar

1 Months ago

I work as IT consultant for an company as a contractor,

1. company is detecting 30% of salary as TDS and they are mentioning, I will need to file return to get refund of excess amount. Is that correct? To my know what I saw or heard is, its only 10% TDS for contract employee who is performing technical consultant. FYI.. my salary CTC for year will be close to 20L for Year.

2. Is there any tax slot for contract employee

3. Can I file returns under 44ADA (presumptive basis)

4. What form should I need to request from employer (Form 16 or Form 16A) ?

5. What section should Employer use to deduct salary, Earlier I remember when permanent employee it was 192 section.

Sorry for many question, Thanks in advance for help.

CA Deepak Kucheria     29 Sep 2020

Sir it depends upon your contractual nature with the Company. Have they engaged you as a retainer or as an employee. If as a retainer then they would deduct 10% otherwise 30% (considering other slab rates also). For more assistance kindly contact at +91-9911744028

CA Jaya Agarwal     1 Oct 2020

Dear Sir,
In response to your questions the answer is as below in given points:

1. Since you are not an employee in spite a consultant (technical), hence company should deduct TDS u/s 194J @ 10% not section 192 @ 30% (i.e. highest slab rate.)

2. Tax slab is 10% flat if it is technical services u/s 194J otherwise 1% flat u/s 194C.

3 Sure, you can if it a professional income.

4 Form 16A ofcourse, since it is income other than salary income.

5 For salary it is 192, but you are not under salary perspective hence it should be 194J OR 194C as mentioned above.

For more assistance call at 7667559772

Manoj kumar     7 Oct 2020

Thank you Jaya & Deepak for reply.

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2 Months ago

Hello, I live in India and I am looking to start a dropshipping business business from my own website. My target customers are from outside India. And once the customer places an order from my website I forward that order to my suppliers based in China who then ship the order to my customer in an international location. (Product does not enter India at all) so what are my tax obligation?

CA Arjun Dhorajiya     17 Sep 2020

call at 9769647582 for more clarity

CA Deepak Kucheria     17 Sep 2020

Need to understand the revenue model. Kindly contact at +91-9911744028 or e-mail at

CA Rakshit Jain     17 Sep 2020

we can discuss your issue on 9587334442.

DAIVAT     17 Sep 2020


CA Naman Maloo     20 Sep 2020

This is a very common model.
You can get a personal consultation with expert by clicking here:

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Amal Patnaik

2 Months ago

Can we register GST without Firl registration??

CA Deepak Kucheria     10 Sep 2020

It depends on the fact whether it is a proprietorship firm or a partnership firm. Kindly contact me at +91-9911744028 or e-mail at

CA Rakshit Jain     10 Sep 2020

call @ 9587334442 to discuss the issue

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4 Months ago

Iam cement dealer.. as gst i am paying 28% on my purchases.. so after purchase can i claim tax refund if yes how much i can claim ??

CA Deepak Kucheria     28 Jul 2020

It depends upon GST rate of your outward supplies and nature of supply (i.e. whether it qualifies as zero rated supplies). For further information please connect with us on +91-9911744028.

CA Abhinandan Jain     7 Aug 2020

The GST paid on inputs by you will be utilized against the GST recovered by you from the customers. Generally, since the goods are sold at a higher price than purchase there is no refund of tax.

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4 Months ago

Indirect Tax(Service Tax) if added in indirect income in gross profits. Do i still need to pay Service Tax separately?

CA Deepak Kucheria     25 Jul 2020

Need to discuss in detail.. Please contact us on

CA Naman Maloo     26 Jul 2020

Even though it's included in your income you need to deposit it with government

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Sanjeev Sharma

4 Months ago

I want to purchase a flat

CA Deepak Kucheria     24 Jul 2020

Good wishes for your prospects ! How may we help you?

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4 Months ago

In india can indirect tax considered as indirect income if not paid earlier

CA Deepak Kucheria     24 Jul 2020

A tax liability due but not paid will remain statutory liability to be discharged. However, in case the liability is longer required to be paid and needs to be written off then it will become Income of the assessee.

Vish     25 Jul 2020

so than i dont need to pay indirect tax (Service/VAT tax) again separately?

CA Deepak Kucheria     8 Aug 2020

We would need to analyze the exact facts of the case. Kindly share the same at so that we would be able to give you apt opinion.

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