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Vinod Kumar

1 a year ago

I have received a 143(2) notification on 02-06-2023 for the assessment year of 2022-2023. How to respond?

CA Mehul Aggarwal     4 Jun 2023

Hi, we deal in income tax litigation. We can connect. or +91-9811896771

CA Aishwariya Rajagopal     7 Jun 2023

Hi. Please send the notice to We need to first figure out why the notice has come.

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3 Days ago

Hello. My name is rahul. Recently i have started a job as a music composer for a studio based in USA. It's a remote job so i am working from home. It's not a salary based job instead i get paid on a hourly basis($25/hr), so my monthly income differs each month. My estimated total income would be around 28-30 lacs per annum. I want to know when do i need to pay the taxes.. Quarterly OR in a single installment. Do i need to register for GST? Please help md with this. Thank You.

CA Mehul Aggarwal     18 Jul 2022

Hi Rahul
As per the information provided, yes you're liable for A GST registration since you're indulged in export of services.
As per your estimated income, paying income tax on a quarterly basis in advance would be advised to avoid high interest on income tax liability while filing the ITR.

Contact for more information : 9811896771

CA Hunny Badlani     18 Jul 2022

Hello Rahul,

Under GST, your services to the US-based studio would be covered under Export of Services if you are receiving convertible foreign currency as consideration. Export services are zero rated supplies. You can apply for LUT and supply such export services without payment of GST.

GST registration and return filing compliances would be mandatory since the total receipts would cross the Rs. 20 Lakhs limit.

Under Income Tax, the advance tax would have to be paid quarterly according to your net taxable income from the music composing business. Return filing would be required after the end of the concerned financial year.

I hope this answer satisfies your requirements. For a detailed resolution of your query, you can contact us directly at badlaniassociates at Gmail or take a phone consultation.

CA Hunny Badlani
Badlani & Associates

CA Puja Sharma     18 Jul 2022

Yes, GST registration is mandatory in your case because your aggregate turnover exceeds the threshold limit provided under the Act of Rs. 20 Lakhs.
For any assistance in GST filing, you can connect with us at

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Subramanian L

2 a year ago

My father had invested his pension money on my mother's name (housewife-sr.citizen) thru' FD for 11 lakhs in single bank. The bank had raised a SFT-005 for this amount and it get reflected in Form 26AS of my mother. What we have to do for this SFT-005, whether have we to show in ITR1 or else can we leave it as such. If so, under which head have we to declare this in ITR1? Kindly advice.

CA Mehul Aggarwal     12 Oct 2021

Hi, you may declare the said amount as "Gift from relatives" under the head "Income from Other Sources" which are exempt under section 56 of the Income Tax Act.

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Srinjoy Das

2 a year ago

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am an architect with a Master in Construction Management degree. Recently I got a job in an Australian firm located in Sydney and they have employed me as a BIM Engineer. However, on paper, they have appointed me as an "international self-sufficient contractor" as they cannot directly show me as their employee since I am not an Australian citizen. My salary is 6 lacs per annum. They have asked me to send them an invoice at the end of every month against which they will pay me my salary. The same amount needs to be quoted every month in a bill. I need advice on my tax returns and whether it is necessary for me to set up a business unit.

CA Mehul Aggarwal     12 Oct 2021

Since this is essentially an export of service, there will be GST implications and accordingly, you will need to apply for the same. Your residential address can be used as your professional address, so no need to set up a separate business unit.
For your ITRs, you will need to disclose the same as professional income under the head "Income from Business and Profession".
For more information, please feel free to contact us at or call at +91-9811896771

CA Arvind Khemka     16 Oct 2021

Please call me at 9007576685

CA Naman Maloo     17 Oct 2021

You can have a phone consultation with tax experts to ask any query related to invoice or income tax return:

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Muhammed Deshmukh

2 a year ago

I have been working for the last 5 years but never filed Income Tax return. If I file this year can I get refund for TDS deducted from my salary 4-5 years ago?

CA Mehul Aggarwal     21 Sep 2021

You can not claim refund for previous years, only for the current year.

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 Sep 2021

Now the provision of IT Act has been amended and belated returns can't be filled . You can file ITR for FY 2020-21 only .
For further clarification you can reach me or 9004485377

CA Rohit Jain     24 Sep 2021

You can file ITR for FY 2020-21 only . and can only claim tds/refund of FY 2020-21 only.

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2 a year ago

I am an NRI working in the US, and planning to move back to India to work remotely for the same US company. My company does not have any office in India, I will be working as a contractor for them, and they will not be deducting any TDS. Will that cause any legal issues, assuming I pay a self assessment tax while filing my ITR return in India next year?

CA Mehul Aggarwal     21 Sep 2021


There won't be any legal issues here in your case. Just remember to pay advance tax so that you're not paying interest on your tax liability while paying self assessment tax at the time of filing the ITR.

For more clarification, please feel free to contact us at or 9811896771.

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 Sep 2021

Hi Pankaj,
There won't be any issue , you can do so. however remember 2 things in mind :
1) Pay advance tax timely to avoid Inetererst.
2) You have to apply for GST No & file GST returns irrespective of turnover.
For Further Assistance you can reach me at or 9004485377

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2 a year ago

Good Morning everyone out there.
I am person just finished college and not working and I have decided to trade stocks.
I've got 5Lakhs from my father who is a farmer (from his savings), Will there be any scrutiny if I deposit the amount on my bank account.
I've read that deposit of amount above 2.5 Lakhs will attract scrutiny. My father don't do itr becoz he earns less and the amount is his savings for years.

CA Mehul Aggarwal     18 Sep 2021


Legally, you are not doing anything wrong. It is allowed as per the income tax act. But even if the department sends you notice, you should not be afraid of it. They just ask for a clarification, and if you provide them with one, they won't charge any kind of penalty on you.

For more clarification, please feel free to contact us at or 9811896771

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Leela Krishna Bharath Edibillli

2 a year ago

Hello, my package is 15.2 lakhs per annum, need your guidance in saving the tax.please suggest

CA Mehul Aggarwal     13 Sep 2021


You can opt for life insurance, 5 year FD, ELSS mutual funds to claim deduction under section 80C.
You can go for Mediclaim to claim deduction under section 80D.
If you've a home loan currently, then that can also lead to tax savings.
You can also deposit in NPS to claim deduction upto Rs 50000.
For a more personalized tax planning, feel free to contact us at or 9811896771

NA Na Na     13 Sep 2021

Please call at 7679875546

CA Rohit Jain     13 Sep 2021

Other than 80C - Life Insurance etc and 80D-Medicliam etc ........ Home loan is the best way to save tax. else if you have any Receipts of donations, you can save tax. For a more personalized tax planning, feel free to contact us at or 9929511888

CA Rahul Dwivedi     13 Sep 2021

Few Tips as below :
1) 80 C deduction Rs. 1.5 Lacs -includes PF, LIC, NSC, Tax Saver FD, Home Loan Princila Repayment, Equity Oriemted Mutual Fund (not all Mutual Fund) etc.
2) 80 CCD : NPS contribution Rs. 50,000/-
3) 80 D - Medi-Claimed Premium
4) Home Loan Interest Upto 2 Lacs
5) HRA deduction can be claimed
This are the Immediate Tips , For Further Assistance you can reach me on or 9004485377

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Prasenjit Roy

2 a year ago

I am working full time for a private firm. I have PF account there and my salary get credited after TDS deduction. Another company offering full time job with no PF account but salary will be paid after TDS deduction. So If I try to work for both company. is there way that one company can come to know about other company's employment(one company has PF account ,other company does not have PF whereas both deducting TDS)? is it legal to do in India?

CA Mehul Aggarwal     10 Sep 2021


Legality of working under two employers depends upon the employment contract signed by you.Read that carefully.

Secondly, one employer won't come to know about the other employment unless you tell them.

Word of caution: Working under two employers without disclosing the fact to the other employer will result in higher tax liability due to impact of interest on income-tax.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at or 9811896771

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Darshak Dharod

2 a year ago

Respected Sir/Madam, I have query regarding HRA component under tax. I am paying rent of 12000 per month to my landlord and this amount is more than 1 lakh per year due to which I have to provide PAN no. of my landlord while claiming HRA under tax. My concern is My landlord do not file ITR, So will it cause any problem to me ? Note : I am paying rent in cash as my landlord want rent in cash and I do get rent receipt for same from my landlord.
Awaiting for your response, Thanks in advance.

CA Mehul Aggarwal     8 Sep 2021

You won't face any problem in this case.

CA Rohit Jain     10 Sep 2021

No problem in your case.

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