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22 Days ago

My company gives conveyance Allowance, Can I get claim of Rs 19200 for this allowance in ITR form ?

CA Rohit Jain     19 Jul 2022


CA Roomi Gupta     19 Jul 2022

Conveyance Allowance is granted to meet the expenditure incurred on conveyance in performance of duties of an office . It is exempt to the extent of expenditure incurred. For more detail connect us or 9216216819

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23 Days ago

I have a residential house with a number of tenants.
I also have a written agreement with a service provider to collect the rent from the individual tenants, deduct his consideration and credit me with the balance.
What would my turnover be:
(a) the aggregate of the rents as per tenancy agreements
(b) the total of amounts transferred to my account by the service provider

CA Roomi Gupta     18 Jul 2022

Turnover would be aggregate of the rents but you will also be eligible to claim deduction for the expenses that you incurred to generate the income. For more professional assistance , connect us @ or 9216216819.

CA Puja Sharma     18 Jul 2022

The total rent as per the tenancy agreement will be your aggregate turnover.
For a more detailed discussion, you can connect with us at

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Devanshi Chadha

24 Days ago

Which ITR do I need to file to show my TDS-194c income? Can I file ITR 1 and show it in the others section? And how?

CA Deepika Boyina     17 Jul 2022

Yes if only that income. For proffessional help contact

CA Roomi Gupta     18 Jul 2022

Incomes that are received from the contract (TDS -194C) are to be shown under the head income from business or profession and you will also be eligible to claim deduction for the expenses that you incurred to generate the income. ITR 4 will be applicable . For professional assistance , connect us @ or contact @ 9216216819.

CA Puja Sharma     18 Jul 2022

If the contract income is not regular, then you can file ITR 1 and report it under the head of other sources.
For any assistance in return filing, you can connect with us at

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29 Days ago

My husband had bought a residential plot in my name and paid from his account. Should I need to declare the purchase while filing my IT returns?

CA Roomi Gupta     12 Jul 2022

Purchase of property not required to declare in the ITR. It is only when the property or asset is sold you have to pay tax on the profits made over cost of such asset and required to declare in ITR. For professional assistance feel free to connect us @ or 9216216819

CA Puja Sharma     12 Jul 2022

No need to mention the purchase in the Income Tax Return. If you made the purchase by selling any other property and are eligible for any tax deduction, then only you are required to report the purchase.
For any assistance in tax filing, you can connect with us at

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Remesh Kumar

1 Months ago

Used ITR4 from AY 2011-12 to 2019-20. used ITR3 for AY 2020-21 TO 2021-22 .Can i use ITR4(44ad presumptive income) for the AY 2022-23 If other eligibility factors are satisfied (Explanation reg Section 44ad(4))

CA Roomi Gupta     11 Jul 2022

Yes you can, subject to conditions specified in section 44 AD. For professional assistance connect us @ or 9216216819.

CA Hunny Badlani     12 Jul 2022


Yes, you can use the 44AD Presumptive Taxation Scheme.

I hope that this answer satisfies your requirements. For any query, please feel free to contact us at badlaniassociates at Gmail.

CA Hunny Badlani
Badlani & Associates

CA Deepika Boyina     17 Jul 2022

Once you opted out you cannot opting till 5 years . contact for detailed consultation

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Sambhav Jain

1 Months ago

Dear Team, Do i have to deduct TDS of seller for a property of approx 1.5 Cr which i am buying directly from the builder's sisters concern company, ATS agreement is being made, but no previous registry is done by the seller.

CA Roomi Gupta     11 Jul 2022

Yes, buyer is required to deduct TDS at the rate 1% if sale consideration is 50 lakhs or above and deducted TDS has to be paid using Form 26QB within 30 days from the end of the month in which TDS was deducted. For professional assistance connect us @ or 9216216819

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Arvinder Singh

2 Months ago


CA Roomi Gupta     30 May 2022

Depends on case and amount and purpose for which amount has been withdrawal and deposited. For professional consultancy connect us @ or 9216216819

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Praveen K

2 Months ago

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am planning to buy a plot for 1CR, but Register to govt guidance value of 40Lakhs.
This is to save stamp duty (6.6% of registration) and TDS (1% for >50L transaction).

Remaining 60L shall be paid by cheques, as per sale agreement of 1CR (Franking done).

Please let me know if this is legally all right.

Thanks and Regards,

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 May 2022

Dear Praveen,
Firstly, Legally it is not right to have registration on lower value.
Secondly, Your question looks conflicting, as you mentioned that the sale agreement is executed for Rs. 1 cr & the Registration is done as per guideline value of Rs. 40L. If Registration value is rs. 40 L then sale agreement should of Rs. 40L only. For different understanding You can have MOU.
For Further consultation you can approach us on or 900448537

CA Puja Sharma     21 May 2022

You have mentioned that the sale agreement is Rs. 1 Cr, and you will be paying the remaining 60 Lacs by cheque. Then, based on which document, you will be able to complete the registry at the value of Rs. 40 Lacs.
The transaction has to be reviewed professionally before execution. You can book my consultation at for a detailed discussion

CA Roomi Gupta     21 May 2022

If any immovable property is sold below the stamp duty value (or circle rate) then such case will fall under Section 50C, Section 43CA, Section 56(2)(x) and double taxation shall apply on the difference in the stamp duty value and transfer price.
For professional help connect us @ or call at 9216216819

CA Deepika Boyina     23 May 2022

No not possible registration fee to be paid on higher of stamp duty value or consideration received which ever is higher

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Sachin Wade

2 Months ago

I am paying rent of 23000. I am claiming HRA. My landlord is a senior citizen. I am not declaring my landlord's PAN by giving a excuse that he is a senior citizen. Actually my landlord is my relative. Want to find out if this scenario poses any threat to me or my landlord. Please give both perspectives.

CA Puja Sharma     19 May 2022

Suppose your relative does not have any other income source other than this rental income of Rs. 23000*12 = 276000, then he/she is not required to file the Income Tax Return, and no tax liability will arise.

You can even give the PAN to your company because the total income of your relative is less than the basic exemption limit.

You can connect with me at for more detailed discussion.

CA Roomi Gupta     19 May 2022

Under Section 194-I of the Income-tax Act, the rent payer (not an individual or HUF) needs to deduct a 10% TDS on any building or land. This TDS is levied if the rent paid exceeds Rs 2.4 lakhs per year. Individuals and HUF need to deduct 5% TDS on rent if the amount exceeds Rs 50,000 a month. So you are not required to deduct the TDS but You must declare landlord PAN as it is mandatory required under IT act .For more info connect us @ 0r 9216216819

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 May 2022

Dear Sachin,
As per Law you can pay rent to your relative landlord, even you can pay rent to your parents, but few thing to be kept in mind :-
1) Have rent agreement with relative landlord
2) Pay rent via Cheque or Online transfer
3) Disclose the PAN of your Relative Landlord as amount is more than Rs. 1L.
For further consultation you can approach us on or 9004485377.

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Kaustubh Dasgupta

2 Months ago

I am looking for details on form 194IB and frequency of form 26QC submission.

CA K Narasimha Prakash     17 May 2022

Tax deducted at source on Rent or lease of immovable property if is exceed Rs.50000 you need to deduct 5% and file quarterly return. The 26QC has annual information filed once in a year. If you need more details DM 7338838605

CA Roomi Gupta     17 May 2022

Finance Act 2017 introduced Section 194IB which mandates deduction of TDS when rent payment exceeding Rs 50000 for month or part of the month is made. Even Salaried person paying rent more than Rs. 50,000 pm and claiming HRA are required to deduct and pay TDS of Landlord.
The tax deductor is not required to apply for TAN in order to deduct TDS U/S 194IB. CBDT has notified form 26QC filling return under this section & this form is PAN based. This form has to be submitted along with challans within 30 days from the end of month in which TDS has been deducted.
For professional assistance connect us @ or 9216216819.

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