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Aniket Varshney

2 Months ago

I want to open a Private ltd company in which i have capital of 5lakh . And my mail course or business is Derivatives (only and only Option selling/Hedging) in stock market.

Do i have to registered with RBI for NBFC ?
Can i open company for this type of business as ecplained main source of income
Can i Acquire loan from bank for this type of business as per law
Can i Receive loan from Director and use that fund to share market Derivative trading business

CA Na     25 Aug 2019

Hi Aniket
-Trading in Stock market is a financial activity and u need to register for NBFC as Investment Co. with a minimum net owned funds of Rs. 2 crore
-Yes u can open dis type of co. and aexplained main source of Income
-Yes u can acquire loan from bank
-Loan from director is allowed to the extent of its own fund
Hope your queries r resolved.
U can mail at for further query.

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7 Months ago

I am looking for the amount of tds to be deducted towards the payment against the invoice for foreign company, our work inlcudes promotional services

CA Na     3 Apr 2019

TDS would be deducted u/s 195 @ 30%

CA Damini Agarwal     4 Apr 2019

The rate of TDS shall be 30%. However, it may vary also in case the actual nature of expense is different. Could you please elaborate more on the transaction ?

CA Neeraj Bansal     18 Apr 2019

TDS u/s 195 read with DTAA is required to be deducted and vary according to nature of work... for more information you can contact me on 9718046555

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7 Months ago

As I am a Exporter all the Sales are zero rated now to facilitate this export I have also incurred some expenses on which I have paid GST components on such bills. On my 3B I have also shown these input credit. As a Exporter I have no outward liabilities , the input standing in my credit ledger, how take refund from Govt

CA Na     2 Apr 2019

You can claim your refund by filing RFD-01A Form on the GST Portal itself.
You mainly need to provide Zero rated Turnover and details of Invoices for which you need to claim input.

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7 Months ago

I am an nri since 13 years. I have a resident demat account which i use to buy stocks. Recently i have acquired some stocks which i would like to sell wifhin 2 weeks time.Am i allowed to do this? What tax on capital gains will i be liable to pay? If i am not allowed to do this, what is the penalty?

CA Na     31 Mar 2019

Yes you are allowed to sell these shares, only intraday trading and short selling is prohibited for Nri's. Further capital gain will be short term or long term depending on your period of holding. If your holding is more than 1 year then Long term capital gain is applicable else short term.

CA Utsav Khandelwal     31 Mar 2019

Yes, you can sell them even in a day if you want. Short term capital gain tax will apply in your case. For further query call 9549912646

NA Na Na     2 Apr 2019

you have to pay short term capital gain.
for more details contact on 9708549709 or

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7 Months ago

I have not been able to file my IT return in the previous year. How can i do it now as am not able to meet the 31st March deadline.

CA Na     31 Mar 2019

The last date to file the It return for F. Y. 2017-18 is 31st March 2019. You can file the return today itself by paying penalty of Rs. 1000 or 10000 as per the case applicable to your return.
For more details contact 9953461065

CA Richa Agarwal     3 Apr 2019

The return can be filed now by paying additional penalty as per the taxable income.

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Sourabh Tiwari

7 Months ago

GST for educational society registered under Chhattisgarh Society Registration Act 1973

CA Na     30 Mar 2019

"Income from education is wholly exempt from GST if a charitable trust is running a school, college or education institution for abandoned, orphans, homeless children, physically or mentally abused persons, prisoners or persons over the age of 65 years or above residing in a rural area."

Further Please provide the exact nature of services provided by your education society to get a more accurate answer.

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7 Months ago

I have recently purchased property (value more than 50 lakhs) from Punjab state development authority via e-auction mode.My question is that am l liable to deduct TDS @ 1% from state authority as in the case of individual seller ?

CA Na     27 Mar 2019

As per section 194IA Buyer has to deduct TDS @1% if value of property is more than 50 lac irresctive of the seller therfore u hav to deduct TDS @1%

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7 Months ago

Income Tax : I am getting driver salary reimbursement under monthly salary. I had submitted driver salary paid receipt to my employer and got the deduction for the same. Unfortunately I could not submit last quarter salary slip to employer on time, How I can get the refund at time of ITR filing?

CA Na     27 Mar 2019

It will not be reflected in Form 16 but still you can claim the same while filing your income tax return.

Swapnil     27 Mar 2019

Thanks for information..

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