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✔ Business Incorporation✔ Fund Raising (Debt / Equity)
✔ Accounting / Book keeping✔ Company Auditing
✔ Compliances✔ Financial Consulting and MIS
✔ Direct Taxation✔ Indirect Taxation
✔ Corporate Asset Management✔ Personal Wealth Planning
✔ Mergers & Acquisition / Investment Banking✔ Payroll Management
✔ Govt.Registrations and Licenses✔ Intellectual Property
✔ Corporate Restructuring✔ Corporate Registration & Verification
✔ Corporate Legal Consulting✔ Business Tax Planning and Management
✔ Business Planning & Initiation✔ Financial Services / Funds Raising
✔ Internal Audit✔ GST

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3 a year ago

If i purchase product without gst number but when i sell its applicable so how i return in gstr3b

CA Utsav Khandelwal     29 Oct 2020

Show sales and pay tax on it in Gstr 3b and show unregistered purchase

CA Jaya Agarwal     4 Nov 2020

You need to pay tax without taking benefit of purchase

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Dr. Gajanan Vaishnav

3 a year ago

I have registered a startup Private Limited Company on 26th May 2020. Me and my wife are directors. We are both employed and our employer has issued us Form 16. Our company has made some sale of about Rs.7000/- till date. We have not withdrawn any money from current A/c of the company. We have not taken any salary from the company. My question is (a) Do we need to file ITR-1 (based on Form 16 given by our employer) or ITR-2 (for company directors) considering my company is just 5 months old?

CA Yash Jain     24 Oct 2020

ITR-2, since you are a director, you only need to provide details of share purchase and directorship details, you also need to get your Company Audit done, Do reach out to Finaco Admin Team, they would assist you in getting it done.

CA Utsav Khandelwal     24 Oct 2020

You will have to file ITR-2 as your a director now. Further at the year end you will have to get your company accounts audited and then file the income tax return

CA Naman Maloo     25 Oct 2020

Since the company is registered in FY 2020-21 you have to file ITR 1 for FY 2019-20.
If you need assistance in filing your ITR/ tax assistance for company Click here:

Hope you find the information helpful.

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Himanshu Joshi

20 Days ago

I'm planning to sell on Shopify, what form of company I should go for and I will drop ship items from China to USA do I need a import export code for that?

CA Utsav Khandelwal     1 Jul 2020

Dear Himanshu, proprietorship firm or one person company will be better for it. And for import export code is a must

CA Naman Maloo     1 Jul 2020

You are just starting a drop shipping business, start it as a proprietorship concern.
No IEC code required.
If you need professional assistance feel free to contact me at

CA Ram K     5 Jul 2020

contact me at 9291318650 or

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5 a year ago

Where can i find DIR-3 KYC Form for the year 2019-20 on MCA Portal ?

CA Utsav Khandelwal     6 Jun 2019

The updated form is yet not available on the site. The old form DIR 3 KYC is available on the site

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5 a year ago

Need some help regarding capital gains tax

CA Vaibhav Mago     10 Apr 2019

Yes Ramakrishnan ji, I can help you out.
Contact 9877542172

CA Urvi Gandhi     10 Apr 2019

Hi Ramakrishnan, I can help you with the same. You can reach me at +91 9967694668

CA Damini Agarwal     10 Apr 2019

Please connect on 8707297344

CA Utsav Khandelwal     10 Apr 2019

Kindly contact on 9549912646

CA Naman Maloo     20 Apr 2019

You can email the details at and then we can discuss on it

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5 a year ago

I am an nri since 13 years. I have a resident demat account which i use to buy stocks. Recently i have acquired some stocks which i would like to sell wifhin 2 weeks time.Am i allowed to do this? What tax on capital gains will i be liable to pay? If i am not allowed to do this, what is the penalty?

    31 Mar 2019

Yes you are allowed to sell these shares, only intraday trading and short selling is prohibited for Nri's. Further capital gain will be short term or long term depending on your period of holding. If your holding is more than 1 year then Long term capital gain is applicable else short term.

CA Utsav Khandelwal     31 Mar 2019

Yes, you can sell them even in a day if you want. Short term capital gain tax will apply in your case. For further query call 9549912646

NA Na Na     2 Apr 2019

you have to pay short term capital gain.
for more details contact on 9708549709 or

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Parvesh Kumar

5 a year ago

Hello team,

My query is that I have spent 6lakh through my credit card during fy 2018-19. I did these transactions for utilities bill payments and mobile recharges as I am running a telecom shop. My annual income is below 2 lakh. So my credit card payments would be considered as my income while filling itr.

CA Urvi Gandhi     27 Mar 2019

Hi Parvesh, If your annual income is below 2 lacs, how have you spent 6 lacs through your credit card?
It wont be added to your income, however, you will have to justify the source of money for paying credit card bills.
For detailed answer/discussion, you can reach me out +91 9967694668

CA Utsav Khandelwal     29 Mar 2019

How can a person with income of just RS 2 lac can make payment of credit card bill of more than RS 6 lac

Parvesh Kumar     30 Mar 2019

Ca utsav , I wasn't expecting this kind of answer...might be I had saving in my account or I borrow from someone or I used it for other people's transaction and get hard cash from them. So you can't say how it was possible..please go through question thoroughly that I have an telecom shop...and what we do is take money from customer and pay his mobile and electricity bills..I am asking this way

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Ratna Likhita

5 a year ago

I have a property that was bought more than 5 years ago it was given for development and the builder soud House that included a part of our property. This transaction was in the current financial year. Should the money be transferred within the same financial year or can it be done in the next financial year

CA Utsav Khandelwal     29 Mar 2019

It is not necessarythat the money should be transferred in the current financial year but the possession should be done in the current year

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5 a year ago

Hi , I have a sole proprietorship firm for software consultancy , and I export software to only foreign clients .
My question is , in GST invoice what should be the IGST rate . Will it be zero ?

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     15 Mar 2019

If you have obtained Letter of Undertaking (LUT) for export of goods/ services without payment of duty, then you will not charge GST in the invoice.

Otherwise, you have to charge GST in the invoice, deposit the GST and claim refund of the GST paid.

Email on for any clarification and help.

CA Utsav Khandelwal     17 Mar 2019

No need to charge GST on it. For more information call @ 9549912646

CA Subrat Sharma     18 Mar 2019

Under GST regime, you as a exporter have either of the two options;
Export under bond without payment of tax(LUT)
Export along with tax payment and claim refund later
basically these options are available if you need any assistance you feel free to contact me;

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5 a year ago

Net salary was paid during 1 year sabbatical leave for 6 months in the year 2017-18. Later gross salary was reversed from account. Form 16A shows tax paid as the tds on salary. How to claim tds refund?

CA Utsav Khandelwal     17 Mar 2019

File your income tax return and claim TDS in it. For more information call @ 9549912646

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