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✔ Business Incorporation✔ Accounting / Book keeping
✔ Company Auditing✔ Compliances
✔ Financial Consulting and MIS✔ Direct Taxation
✔ Indirect Taxation✔ Payroll Management
✔ Govt.Registrations and Licenses✔ Corporate Registration & Verification
✔ Internal Audit✔ GST

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Ankit Jain

4 a year ago

Hello, I have a query regarding ROC compliance. We have registered a company in Dec 2018 and have not appointed an auditor yet. Wanted to know the due dates for ROC compliance (AOC- 4 and MGT- 7) and appointment of auditor.

CA Salsabeel Ahmed     28 Nov 2019

Auditor should be appointed within 30 days of incorporation by the BOD, else in by the Members. due date for AOC-4 and MGT-7 is 30-11-2019. You may reach out to me for assistance at +91 9880106346 or

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     30 Nov 2019

First auditor is to be appointed by the Board within 30 days of incorporation. Subsequent auditor is to be appointed in the Annual General Meeting. The first Annual General Meeting should be held within 9 months of the close of the financial year. So, in your case you can hold the AGM till 31st December, 2019. Form AOC-4 is to be filed within 30 days of AGM and Form MGT-7 is to be filed within 60 days of AGM. So you still have lots of time to comply with the requirements. Contact us on for compliance.

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4 a year ago

Hi, I'm talking behalf of a friend who is a foreign citizen. He wanted to buy a company which is currently under propreitorship. I know that a Foreigner cant do a propreitorship business here. So What are the other possibilities of aquiring it? I mean converting the propreitorship to limited or something like that.

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     11 Oct 2019

The proprietorship has to be converted into a private limited company. Then the foreign citizen can acquire shares in the company.
For assistance in conversion to private limited and change in ownership, contact us on

    12 Oct 2019

A foreigner can do a business in india and open a liason office with the prior permission of RBI under FEMA rules

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Manish Pujare

4 a year ago

I filed ITR for 2019-20 and I have been showing 3930. When continue to pay it and being redirected to bank net banking portal with charge classification as - Basic Tax, Surcharge, Edu Cess, Others, Penalty and Interest.

I am not sure what amount to put in to each of these category. Can you please help me?

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     26 Aug 2019

You can fill the entire amount in Basic Tax

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4 a year ago

Hi! I was a student until March 2019. Last year I studied in Italy for 4 months and worked part time. The income earned was less than 2.5L Rs NET. The taxes (30%) for this income were deducted in Italy by the employers. (The income was more than 2.5L Rs gross). Do I have to file for IT returns in India?

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     23 Aug 2019

You have to first determine your residential status in India. Most probably you would be resident in India and in such case you have to file the ITR and declare the salary received from Italy in the return. You can avail benefit of DTAA between India and Italy. For help with filing the return contact on

CA Naman Maloo     23 Aug 2019

You would be a resident since you were in Italy for just 4 months and therefore your global income would be taxable in india but we need to check the DTAA between india and france.
If you need further assistance you can mail me at

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4 a year ago

I want to take gstin no for selling product online on amazon or flipkart. I am an individual who plan to sell from my rented house. request you to pls let me know if i can get the GSTIN no or not. If yes i would like to get it.

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     9 Apr 2019

Yes you can get GST number. Contact me on 9719144360 for the registration formalities.

CA Damini Agarwal     9 Apr 2019

yes you can get the GSTN number. Please call on 8707297344

CA Vaibhav Mago     9 Apr 2019

Yes, you are compulsorily required to get registered under GST.
You can get GST registration from your rented house as well.
For further assistance contact 9877542172

CA Naman Maloo     20 Apr 2019

Yes you can get GST number.
Please contact me on

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4 a year ago

Hi , I have a sole proprietorship firm for software consultancy , and I export software to only foreign clients .
My question is , in GST invoice what should be the IGST rate . Will it be zero ?

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     15 Mar 2019

If you have obtained Letter of Undertaking (LUT) for export of goods/ services without payment of duty, then you will not charge GST in the invoice.

Otherwise, you have to charge GST in the invoice, deposit the GST and claim refund of the GST paid.

Email on for any clarification and help.

CA Utsav Khandelwal     17 Mar 2019

No need to charge GST on it. For more information call @ 9549912646

CA Subrat Sharma     18 Mar 2019

Under GST regime, you as a exporter have either of the two options;
Export under bond without payment of tax(LUT)
Export along with tax payment and claim refund later
basically these options are available if you need any assistance you feel free to contact me;

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Pranam Ghagare

29 Days ago

I wanted to get LUT for my exports!
There is optoin of independent witness.
Can my mother be a witness, she is a houswife?

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     27 Feb 2019

Yes your mother can be a witness

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26 Days ago

How is filing tax for an OPC different from a private limited company?

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     27 Feb 2019

The procedure is the same. We can help with all the compliance. Contact on 9719144360

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Dhruv Singla

14 Days ago

We are purchasing raw materials for Rs. 80,00,000 out of which Rs. 50,00,000 were bought at the tax rate of 5% and rest Rs. 30,00,000 for 18% GST.Now, we process the goods and convert them into finished goods which is under the category of 5% GST. The IGST paid at the time of export is being refunded by the Custom .Now, the question is that , from whom the exporter will be getting the excess amount of tax.
And , how the exporter can get the same and from which department either CUSTOM or GST Department.

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     27 Feb 2019

You have to apply for refund of input tax credit. the application will be made to the GST department.

We can help with the filing of the application. Contact on 9719144360

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3 Days ago

Me and 2 of my friends had registered a Pvt Ltd company 2 years back. We havnt started any operations or have any transactions. We havnt filed our annual filing at MCA from past 2 years. I am aware that there is a huge fine if we file them now, so I am looking for alternatives to save money. I am even ready to close the company if its cheaper.

CA Ajit R Mehta     20 Feb 2019

Check the status of your company on the MCA Portal ( If it is ACTIVE, file Form FTE with required attachments for closure of the Company. For filing of Form FTE you need not file ROC returns.

CA Siddhartha Bhardwaj     27 Feb 2019

Since you have not commenced operations it is advisable to close the company, in legal terms, apply for strike off of the company. This will save the late fees for non-filing of annual returns.

Contact on 9719144360 for assistance with strike off and other formalities.

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