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Sharath Kumar Shetty

4 Months ago

I am co-borrower of a home loan with my mother and the house is constructed in my mothers name. But I am the one who is paying all the EMI's through my net banking. My mother is not working and she will not repay any of the EMI's. Can I avail the tax benefit on the home loan interest under section 24 b

CA Naman Maloo     17 May 2019

No if you want claim benefit of home loan you need to be the owner in the property. If you add your name as co owner you will be able to take 50% benefit of same.
If you need any further consultation you can mail me at

CA Vaibhav Mago     17 May 2019

Mr. Sharath, you can only claim interest deduction when you are a co- borrower as well as co- owner of the said property.
So, in the said case ask your mother to transfer 50% or such other share of percentage of share of the property in your name as gift and get it registered.
Then,both of you and your mother can claim interest as well as principal deduction.

CA Murugesan Ashok     17 May 2019

You can claim the full interest. Its allowed.

CA Shrinidhi Rao     21 May 2019

Sir, Since you paid interest from your account there is enough evidence to establish you are eligible assessee to get the deduction. In case if you shown your mother had income while getting loan sanctioned, then it is better to claim 50% of eligible deduction under relavant sectio of income tax act.

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Gaurav Dutta Saxena

4 Months ago

I have paid TDS in sale of property. mistake I have paid amount twice and two challans generated for the challan I have used in form26qb while another I want money to be refunded.....

CA Shrinidhi Rao     3 May 2019

There are two ways you can handle this.
1. You should give full credit to the seller. Later collect the excess deduction from him. ( If you can co-ordinate with him)
2. Make an application seeking refund of excess payment of TDS, to the Income Tax Officer of respective TDS circle you belongs to.

CA Naman Maloo     3 May 2019

Practically the only option available with you is to ask the seller to provide you the refund of excess credit which he will claim.
Second option which is not that practical is to ask income tax officer to provide you the refund of second challan which you have paid but there are less chances of officer accepting this.
If you need any further consultation or information you can mail at

CA Shrinidhi Rao     3 May 2019

Yeah, second option is little bit complicated.

CA Murugesan Ashok     3 May 2019

You can claim refund from Traces by filing 26B form. Filing the amount again for the deductee will land in huge trouble for the deductee. Since you don't have TAN you can login to traces through pan and the challan details.

CA Shrinidhi Rao     3 May 2019

Yes, As deductor you should get registered in Traces website and you can claim the refund.

CA Naman Maloo     3 May 2019

Refund by using traces is not available in this case as per my knowledge.

CA Murugesan Ashok     4 May 2019

There if any excess paid by the buyer can be claimed by the buyer through his A2 in 26AS. Excess of 1% of the sale value will go to buyer as per the CPC(TDS) Tax advisory.

CA Suresh Bharathwaj     4 May 2019

You can file for refund with the relevantv ITO in case you require professional help contact at

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