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19 Days ago

My father and his brother has inherited a plot and wanna sell it is it liable for capital gain tax or any kind of tax if it's applicable how can I save that tax without kept that money in capital gain account in bank, bonds, and property

CA Yash Jain     10 Sep 2022

Hi Ritik !, in case of sale of capital asset received via inheritance, mode of computation would be in accordance with Section 48 of Income Tax Act and with regards to exemption from capital gain arriving if any, you can refer section 54 of Income Tax Act.

However in case if you are looking for expert consultation on the above, you can book a consultation with Finaco or reach to me at


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Rohan Chavan

5 Months ago

Stamp duty and registration charges benefit under section 80C :- I have paid stamp duty in 25th of March 2022 and sale deed or registered the property in 15th of April 2022. can I claim Stamp duty and registration charges benefit under section 80C in financial year 2022-23?

CA Puja Sharma     20 Apr 2022

In my opinion, stamp duty benefit to be taken after the registration is complete against the residential property. Take the benfit in FY 2022-23.
For IT related consultation, you can connect with us at

CA Yash Jain     21 Apr 2022

80C is on paid basis and not on accrual basis and hence you can claim it in the financial year 2021-2022. for more queries refer 80C of income tax act for further consultation

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 Apr 2022

Dear Mr. Rohan,
As per provision of Income Tax Act deduction U/s 80C is payment based deduction which can be availed once we make specified investments or inure expenditure. So the stamp duty paid on 25th March 22 can't be availed as deduction in FY 2022-23. For further consultation you can reach us at or 9004485377

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5 Months ago

What are the tax implications if I am getting paid to my indian bank account from an overseas employer for remote work? The amount is to the tune of USD 60,000 which is around Rs.45,68,000/- annually.

CA Yash Jain     21 Apr 2022

Article 16 will be applicable of DTAA between INDIA & USA in your case, for more further queries, contact :

CA Puja Sharma     21 Apr 2022

Your Income will be taxable in India. DTAA provisions will apply. For IT-related consultation, you can connect with us at

CA Rahul Dwivedi     21 Apr 2022

Dear Mr Arjun,
In simplified way, In your case entire entire salary amount is taxable in India and Tax liability will are as per applicable Slab.
In case if you gets Professional Fee/consultancy then GST registration will be mandatory. Definately for both the cases Income Tax liability will be as arise in India.
For Further consultation you can reach us on or 9004485377

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Rohit Pathak

5 Months ago

Hello Sir/Madam, In my company we have car lease policy, where employee can lease a car which is registered in the name of company. I pay EMI for the car and claim income tax exemption on the EMI being paid. After the completion of car lease, i have to pay 20% of residual value to finish the lease. Post that, i can sell car directly to anyone. Sale proceed will come to my bank account. What will be the income tax implication on the money received from the car sale. I am asking this question because it is different than the car sale. In this case, the car is not registered in my name but it is registered in my company's name. I have NOC from company to sell it after paying residual amount of 20%.

CA Yash Jain     18 Apr 2022

By Paying 20% of residual value, you have acquired the ownership of the said vehicle,

income tax implication will be
Sales consideration you get - 20% of residual value you paid to your employer.

For more Queries/Consultation feel free to take appointment by sending mail on,


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5 Months ago

My CTC is 27 lacs. Do not have any home loan, stay in rented place. Which tax regime is beneficial for me

CA Yash Jain     18 Apr 2022

Kindly consult at +91-9980725175 for tax advisory and hasle free Filing

CA Puja Sharma     18 Apr 2022

Details of your complete salary structure are required to decide which tax regime is beneficial for you. For a detailed discussion you can connect with us at

CA Rahul Dwivedi     18 Apr 2022

Dear Veinu,
Analysis of Tax regime depends on may things like Investment U/s 80C, 80D, 80G, NPS investment, HRA deduction etc. Home loan is not only one deciding factor. Generally if your Investment U/s 80C is 1.50 L and you have Mediclaim Policy & NPS investment then old regime will be beneficial for you else New Regime. For proper guidance need your complete details.
For further Consultation you can reach us on or 9004485377

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Shantanu Bisht

7 Months ago

I need GST registration for my e-commerce business. Do I need to register myself as a tax collector or does any other wip work?

CA Yash Jain     8 Feb 2022

You would have to take 2 registrations.

One for service invoice which you will be raising, and another for Tax collection at source, however do check whether the service your portal would provide is covered under TCS or not under Section 9(5), for more details do email at

CA Rahul Dwivedi     9 Feb 2022

Dear Shantanu,
There may be two cases :
1)If you wish to sale goods through e-commerce operator like Amazon get registration as Tax Payer
2) You wish to register yourself as E-commerce operator then have to take 2 registration subject to certain condition.
For further consultation you can reach us at or 9004485377

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Sai Krishna

16 Days ago

Two companies entered in to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in which a director is common. Shall we treat this as a related party transaction and what are the conditions to be followed as per Companies Act 2013?

CA Yash Jain     1 Oct 2021

Check out Section 188 of Companies Act,2013 and you will have your detail, for complete understanding book a consultancy on finaco and get a better indepth guidance

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Dev Kr

12 Days ago

If a person named mr.x has a personal registration in bihar building construction, can he run a business firm in same department being 90% partner of the firm

CA Yash Jain     1 Oct 2021

Yes, GST does not bar on address of place of business

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11 Days ago

Advice on withdrawal process from epfo for house purchase (i have > 5 years of service). and if i can withdraw money first, buy the property then using the money or i need to buy property first and then only after submitting papers i can withdraw? without withdrawing money first it is not possible for me to buy

CA Yash Jain     1 Oct 2021

You can withdraw the amount

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