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Ayush Agrawal

4 a year ago
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One of the best I got online , Really helpful and explained each and everything very clearly. 5 out of 5

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Kunal Ghosh Roy

23 Days ago

I have recently purchased a flat in an Apartment. So, for a temporary arrangement one of my dormant bank account is being used to collect maintenance fees. Then necessary spending for the apartment done from there like common meter electric bill, security salary etc. Will this money be calculated as my income? And is there is there any tax implications? Also, as we don't have owner's association, what steps should I take?

CA Yash Jain     17 May 2023

Would advise not to do the needful, it just requires a by law with a signature of all the flat owners to constitute a association and to create an maintainence account, would advise the needful.

for better service and more info mail me at

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Aarav Sharma

15 Days ago

I am a part-time freelancer based out of India who works with a platform based in the USA, and I receive payment for my services in USD. The platform recognizes me as a self-employed contractor. I am unaware of the taxation regulations in India for my income and would like to seek professional assistance to ensure that I am compliant with the law.

Aarav Sharma     17 May 2023

One thing here is that, although my earnings are in USD. The platform transfers the amount to my account in INR. They have partnership with some company, which transfers the money using some predefined conversion rate.

CA Yash Jain     17 May 2023

Mere receipt in India would not make you liable for tax in India, would suggest you to change the payment details and ensure to receive amount outside india, else you need to apply to assessing officer of the jurisdiction of the account you hold and get no tax liability certificate and ensure transfer from Indian account to your respective country account, however if you are also Resident in INDIA, then it is taxable and for more details contact me at

CA Rahul Dwivedi     22 May 2023

Dear Sharma Ji,
As i understood, you are leaving outside India and providing the services to company based outside India however the payment for the same you receive in India, however to advise required further details :
1) What is your residential Status Resident / Non Resident
2) The amount you receive in NRE A/c/ NRO A/c or normal saving Account
3) The amount you receive in convertible foreign exchange which get converted in INR based on previling exchange rate through platform like paypal or you receive in INR
You can approach us for further discussion at or 9004485377.

Aarav Sharma     22 May 2023

I am Indian citizen and I am living in India. I work with platform which is based out of USA.

CA Neeraj Bansal     24 May 2023

Dear Aarav, in your case GST registration may be applicable but it is not meant that you need to pay it.. There are may factors which decide it, Since you are resident of india, your global income will be taxable in india. I Am dealing many clients same like you. For any further assistance , you can contact me at 9718046555

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Soumesh Bhattacharjee

1 Months ago

I’m going to get paid from international clients for marketing services. Who will deduct the TDS . I’ll also be paying subcontractors outside india . Do i need to cut TDS for them and if so what percentage is needed. Payments will go upwards of $1000.

CA Yash Jain     6 May 2023

Hi Soumesh ! If you are getting payment from International Clients, there is no TDS implication, however when you are paying to person outside India, we need to check whether the service has been provided within india or outside india, TDS implication would be decided based on that, for complete understanding feel free to connect with me on

Also ensure you have undertaken to sign a GST Registration

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Rishabh Jain

28 Days ago

I am a service person working in an IT firm with over 20 LPA salary. I have a query that is there any way i can deposit 5 lakh in my loan account cash somehow as part of my previous savings or will it come under income tax radar?

CA Yash Jain     6 May 2023

If cash has been declared in your Income Tax return filing,either in current year or in any of the previous years, then yes, you can make the payment with eligible source being already declared to taxing authorities.

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Monjit Gogoi

28 Days ago

I am a tenant residing in Bangalore and pay over Rs 50,000 as rent per month. My landlord is an NRI. For this I need to deduct TDS and deposit it with IT and then share the TDS certificate. I have searched all over the web but there is no place/portal to deposit TDS for NRI landlords online. Can somebody please help how I go about it and how I deposit the TDS and issue the TDS certifiate to my landload. I already have a TAN number to deduct the TDS.

CA Yash Jain     6 May 2023

Section 195 is what would be applicable for you,

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Mayuresh Achirnekar

27 Days ago

How to report a Interest Income in SFT

CA Yash Jain     6 May 2023

Please Get in touch with us at, and we shall help you with your query with optimum service solution

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Ram Verma

26 Days ago

Respected sir/maam
I am petrol pump owner and i know i am exempted to pay gst on sales of petrol and diesel but i have to pay gst for lubrucants which i sell and i already pay those by paying to my petrol pump company so why is gst officer behind me and laying some charges for fines kindly help

CA Yash Jain     6 May 2023

Do Share your GST Notice with us at, we shall analyse and provide you proper details on the same.

CA Chinmay Sheth     6 May 2023

Hello Sir,
You can contact us on or Mobile No.9993683335 for detailed discussion.

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Ratan Aryan

3 Months ago

Hello, according to new income tax regime how much do i need to pay in taxes if my salary is 7 lakh my age is 40.

CA Yash Jain     7 Feb 2023

No Tax

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Rutik Nair

3 Months ago

I am looking to remit money from my Indian private limited company bank account to my US Business Bank account to purchase cryptocurrency and sell them in India.

My Indian company and US company have the same name and I am the owner of both the companies.
My profits are based on the number of transaction I do from my Indian Bank Account to US Bank.

I also need someone who can open a DBS Business Bank account for me though which I can do foreign transactions.

CA Yash Jain     7 Feb 2023

Yes it can be done subject to compliance in accordance with FEMA Regulations and Companies Act Compliance.

Further you may be required to ensure that form 15ca/cb are filed accurately for the purpose of transfer,

for more queries feel free to contact

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6 Months ago

I want to start a business of sending money acrosses the counrty.

CA Yash Jain     15 Nov 2022

you need to take registration as Authorised dealer under FEMA and then you can proceed to be doing it

do share a mail at for more details

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