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Ayush Agrawal

1 a year ago
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One of the best I got online , Really helpful and explained each and everything very clearly. 5 out of 5

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Shubham Mukherjee

23 Days ago

I have missed some sale invoice of 2017 during filing return so can i file return of this invoice in current month.. Please help me out... I asked my CA she said their is no revise option we cannot submit 2017 invoice in current month.. Is their any other option so i can file return for 2017 invoice.
Thanking you,
Shubham Mukherjee

CA Yash Jain     30 Dec 2019

In case a sale invoice has been missed out in GST, would better advise to disclose it in GSTR-9 pay tax via DRC-03 and close.

CA Richa Agarwal     2 Jan 2020

Only in annual return for the period

CA Loveseema Sharma     3 Jan 2020

You can include it in the annual return to be filed for year 2017. If already filed, then i think nothing can be done.

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Mohit Singh

24 Days ago

I used to send remittance out of india each month about 35k rupees to my friend for support..using online site .. is there any issue regarding income tax department or fera?

CA Yash Jain     30 Dec 2019

Income tax does not have any issue subject to in case if payment is related to business,however ensure that your remittance is covered under "LRS".

CA Loveseema Sharma     3 Jan 2020

No issue from Income tax department. Regarding Fera, please check the following link.
please read it in detail and check that you are not covered in the prohibited items.

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1 Months ago

For under construction flat i am paying interest only homeloan emi from august2919, possetion might be in march 2020. What and how i can shiw interest and principle stamp duty charges for tax rebate?

CA Yash Jain     23 Dec 2019

1.Principal Repayment & Stamp Duty Charges - Claim under 80C
2.Pre Construction Period interest - you can claim in 5 installments (Would advise to take possession in april'2020)

CA Naman Maloo     25 Dec 2019

You can claim principal and stamp duty under section 80C now and interest can be claimed after you get possession under section 24 in 5 installments.
If you need further assistance feel free to contact me at

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3 Months ago

I am Software Engineer. I have software support service to foreign client n receive money in Foreign bank account. I disclose only money which I transfer to my Indian Bank Account for Income TAX.

Am I liable to disclose Foreign bank account & pay double tax on Foreign bank deposit + Indian transferred bank deposit ?

Example, I earn 1500 USD(1 Lac INR approx) in a month in my foreign account.

If I have transfer 40K to my account, 20K to my workpartner & 20K to other workpartner. 20K equivalent USD in that foreign account is used for tools n expense for support we give to clients.

We all 3 are disclosing this money in ITR & paying Tax applicable on it.

Q - Is it still considered concealed income ? As we all have shown money transferred from foreign account in our respective ITR?

CA Yash Jain     11 Oct 2019

Yes, As per Law, you are required to disclose your foreign holdings of accounts/shares as well hence if not shown it is deemed as concealed income and liable to penalty you would lose more than what you earned.

CA Naman Maloo     11 Oct 2019

Yes if you are resident in India you need to pay tax on entire income you earn in the world and pay tax on same in India.
You dont have to pay double tax in the foreign country you need to submit your TRC i.e. tax residency certificate and No PE certificate and they wont charge any tax on you as you'll pay tax in India as per DTAA.
If you dont pay it in India it will be considered as concealed income and then they may charge penalty on same.
For more assistance you can contact at

Adi     11 Oct 2019

CA Anshul Goyal     12 Oct 2019

It will be considered as concealed income and there is no need to conceal it because income tax can be reduced on such income with proper documentation and advise. Also you will end up huge deposits abroad after few years and then it will be more difficult to bring it to india. All income tax paid in foreign country are eligible for tax credits in india.

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Dimple Mehta

3 Months ago

Hello, We have an LLC in delaware and approx 10% shares are hold by Indian company , we as LLC wants to issue shares to Indian company employees - please let me know following things:
1.Procedure of LLC(Limited liability company) to issue ESOP to indian company employees
2.Taxation of company and employees both from India and USA points of view, looking into tax treaty Our LLC is associated enterprise with Indian company

CA Yash Jain     11 Oct 2019

We can help you with the same kindly email us your query on

CA Anshul Goyal     12 Oct 2019


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Satyabratasantanu Ranjan Sahoo

8 Months ago

I am thinking of stating a business. What are the ligal steps should be taken before starting. Please guide me also about Account,registration,GST etc... I am total unknown about all these things kindly help.

CA Yash Jain     11 May 2019

Hi Mr.Ranjan,Finaco would help you out in making things easy for you.. kindly do book a consultation and we would guide you everything with respect to the same, and our CA Team would provide you respectable package suitable for Startups.
Look forward to hear from you

CA Dhaval Bhura     11 May 2019

Hi Mr. Ranjan
I can help you out with the same you can contact me at 8850927779 or in case of further queries.

CA Naman Maloo     11 May 2019

Sir we need to discuss on what is your business what is your expected turnover and then we can decide what requirements you need to fulfill.
If you need any help you can mail at

CA Shrinidhi Rao     11 May 2019

Dear Sir, Please share your details of business & volume of business you expect to do. So that we can properly guide you in this regard.

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Mahesh Sharma

11 Months ago

AB associates funcitioning as an auditor in x ltd. after conclusion of 7th AGM, Mr. A (partner) retired from the firm , is Mr. A can be appointed as an auditor after expiry of 10 year period of the audit firm???

CA Yash Jain     23 Feb 2019

if 139(2) applicable to you then it is not allowed.

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Pranam Ghagare


I had started a e-commerce store and had my shop act and gst registered.
Wanted to apply for LUT online.
Just wanted to ask if i get the ARN no will i need to go physically to solve queries and questions if they arise?
And to register LUT, can i do it myself for need a C.A to do it for me?

CA Yash Jain     22 Jan 2019

1.Not required to visit the officer
2.You can do it yourself

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Kunal Karlekar

1 Days ago

I am currently using invoice series which has taxes applied example: xyz/abc/18-19/123. Here 123 is the invoice series. The next invoice created will have same series with number 124. This invoice has a header of tax invoice.
I am planning to give the option to the customer to pay without any taxes, the header for such invoice will be retail invoice. So can I continue with the same invoice series which is used for tax invoice? Or Will I have to change the invoice series for the retail invoice?

CA Yash Jain     22 Jan 2019

if you are registered under Regular GST then it is compulsory for you to charge gst .. in case you deal in exempt items then you can issue bill of supply for the same.

W.r.t invoice series you can maintain two sets for tax invoice and exempt products seperately that is upto you

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Kunal Karlekar

1 Days ago

I want to apply the option to exclude GST from invoice, so can I still continue with the existing series invoice number in such case, which will not have taxes?

CA Yash Jain     21 Jan 2019

Kindly please do eloborate further to let experts in our website to answer your question effectively

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