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Atharv Vyas

17 Days ago

Sir i have a bill of 3.00 crores with gst at 18% amounting nearly 50lk and the counterparty has denied to file r1. I have taken input and audited the balance sheet. What to do ?

CA Vivek Chiraniya     4 Oct 2019

File a grievance through GST portal (from your login via User Services) and provide the details of the supplier with invoice copy.

CA Naman Maloo     5 Oct 2019

Submit a grievance with GST department along with the copy of bill

CA Anshul Goyal     12 Oct 2019

To claim itc it is more important to have in possession of original tax invoice and you have paid the creditor all amount within 180 days of purchase. So it will help you incase authorities ask you for mismatch. Also keep in possession eway bill. Kindly contact at

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Ravish Jaggi

1 Months ago

Enquiring about the Capital Gain Tax against the Sale of property

My Uncle who don't want to purchase another property after selling his share, want to know his actual Capital gain tax.

I am sharing all the necessary details :

Property Purchased in DELHI in 1952, by my Grandmother.
Sum paid was 19000.

After her passing away, through her will it was transferred on the name of My father and his elder brother (My uncle).

Now as per circle rate, its value is approximate 80 lakhs which will be divide equally.
So both brothers get 40 lakhs each.
Further my Uncle will Gift 15 lakhs (through cheque/DD) to my father, so the net amount he will possess from the sale will be 25 lakhs.

First he wants to know whether he will be Taxable on 40 lakhs or 25 lakhs
Second what exactly will be his Capital Gain tax ?

The important thing to note is what should be the Base year ie 1991 or 2001 & also the Base price in that year as the Circle rates in Delhi were brought in 2007.

So kindly advice me on this, it will be much helpful.

CA Vivek Chiraniya     13 Sep 2019

Taxable consideration shall be Rs. 40 Lakh for each of the brothers. Gift to father has nothing to do with the capital gain taxation. Moreover, gift is not a taxable transaction in your case.

Base date for valuation and indexation shall be 01.04.2001. You can engage a registered valuer to get the valuation as on 01.04.2001.

CA Naman Maloo     13 Sep 2019

To know his capital gain you need to first get a government approved valuer and get a valuation report for 01.04.2001.
So the taxable amount would neither be 40 lakh nor 25 lakh. It would be something less than 40 lakh depending on the cost value.
Base year would be 2001.

If you need any further assistance feel free to contact me at

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