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20 Days ago

For a property value of 80lakhs with 2 sellers and 2 buyers (all equal share), should i put property value as 20lakhs for each TDS challan

CA Vikas Agrawal     7 Jul 2018

it should be 40 lakhs

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Krishan Kumar

18 Days ago

Can wife, empowered by General / Special Power of Attorney issued by landlord husband, enter into house lease agreement with tenent? Can rent paid to attorney ( wife) be claimed for HRA tax exemption. What are the documents required ? Thanks

CA Vikas Agrawal     7 Jul 2018

1) Yes, the GPA should mention that the wife can enter into a rental agreement and collect rent on behalf of the husband.

2) HRA can be claimed by the tenant.

3) Advisable to keep below documents with respect to Tenant :
a) GPA copy b) Rental agreement

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18 Days ago

Bought an Agriculture plot 6 years back. This Month, I am selling it with profit of 6 Lakh (after indexation), but the status of is REsidential now.
Now I Had booked a FLAT in year 2014 but will take Possession after selling the plot.

1. Will the income tax laws treat it as Income on Agriculture land or Residential plot ?
2. Can I use the profit money of 6 Lakh to pay Outstanding to Builder, Registry and Advance Maintenance for the flat , to avoid paying LTCG tax ?

CA Vikas Agrawal     7 Jul 2018

1) Income from sale of residential plot
2) Yes, You can use the whole/partial amount arising out of sale of residential plot

Gauav     7 Jul 2018

Ref to # 2, Can I use money for payment & registry of the flat booked in 2014; I will take posession next month.

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Surajeet Bharati

21 Days ago

Which ITR document is considered as my Income Proof? Is it the ITR Acknowledgement that I have received after filing ITR ?

CA Urvi Gandhi     5 Jul 2018

ITR Acknowledgement is the proof that you have declared income and filed your income tax return

Surajeet Bharati     5 Jul 2018

That means I can use the same as the proof of my income. Right ?

CA Vikas Agrawal     5 Jul 2018


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Amit Kumar Sharma

22 Days ago

I am getting my sales proceeds from a Foreign Company for the back-office services rendered from India. However I am getting remitted after deduction of 10% withholding tax. How to record the same in my books? Can it be claimed? If yes, then How?

If the withholding tax deducted in a country with DTAA treaty, and if such tax is more than actual income tax computed, can we claim the balance as refund or carry forward to next year. If yes, then kindly refer me to the section of the act.

CA Vikas Agrawal     3 Jul 2018

It depends on the country, if we have a DTAA treaty with that country the withholding tax paid will be deducted from India tax.

Amit Kumar Sharma    3 Jul 2018

Yes DTAA treaty is in-force with the Country in question with India. Now tell me how to book the same and claim the same?

    4 Jul 2018

You should book in accounts as withholding tax receivable, just like normal TDS in Current Assets.
While filing your Income Tax Return you can claim the credit of withholding tax which was deducted outside India, option of which is available in income-tax returns.

Amit Kumar Sharma    4 Jul 2018

Thanks @ CA Chirag Haraniya. One more clarity, if such withholding tax is more than actual tax after computation, can we claim the balance as refund or carry forwarded. If yes then kindly refer me to the section in the act for the same.

    4 Jul 2018

Yes, for that you need to refer the Section 90/90A of Income Tax Act, 1961 read with Rule 128 of Income Tax Rules, along with the DTAA with respective country, If the DTAA allows full credit for the particular Income then you can claim entire tax paid outside India as Credit.

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Jitendra Mishra

3 a year ago

What is turm&condition of a agri crop insorence company stablisment ?

CA Vikas Agrawal     3 Jul 2018

Your question is not clear, please re frame and ask again!

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24 Days ago

I have a doubt regarding ecommerce market place sales. If a product is sold for 100/- including shipping and falls in 5%gst brake tyres. And commission charged by market place is 10% now 95/-rs is product cost + 5/+ gst. In this 100 market place deducts 20/- as commission and 3.6/+ as gst on commission so total wT I get is Rs 100- 5 - 20 - 3.6/- = 71/- Rs, approx
. Now filing return I can claim ITC of 3.6/- tax on commission and ITC of gst paid to my manufacturer. But my question is is the 20/- Rs commission charged by amazon not increasing our turnover? It vil over all increases our turnover and profit on book but in reality that 20/- commission is not our profit at all
so this would affect our turnover of business and it would also effect ourincome tax filing. So how to show this 20% commission as business expenses

CA Vikas Agrawal     3 Jul 2018

In your case you have to charge sale for 100 and GST paid will be allowed as input in your returns. The Commission paid will be treated as expense in P&L

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